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PSA: Blue Catz Marketing is now in liquidation


A quick public service announcement to all gamers reading this: Blue Catz Marketing has been put under liquidation as of yesterday, 28 February 2014. Blue Catz were the brand managers and marketers of Roccat products before yesterday’s liquidation process. Not much is known at this stage as to why things broke down or who’ll be taking up the Roccat brand, but for now you may have an issue returning Roccat items under warranty. I will be investigating this further and hope to have an update on this next week. If you’re a Roccat product owner and are currently having an issue with your device, let us know in the comments below and in the forums!

Source: The Green Gazette

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  • Alex

    My roccat isku broke recently and now I have nowhere to enquire about repairs … :/


    still no news about this people we have repairs needs be done useless bunch

  • Poe

    I have a Roccat XMG A722 laptop that I got through Dion Wired and the screen has fied. R20K laptop now useless.Any news? Any other avenues?


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