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Batman: Arkham Knight unveiled


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed the next and final chapter in the Arkham series – Batman: Arkham Knight. This will be the last in the trilogy of Batman games developed by Rocksteady, the development team that brought us Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The rather subpar Arkham Origins was developed by Warner Bros. Montreal.

Arkham Knight is heading to PC and current-gen consoles only, which means PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There won’t be any version for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and that’s great news because it allows Rocksteady to make the most of more powerful hardware without having to continually drop features in order to cater for old console hardware.

Arkham Knight is set after the events of Arkham City and will feature Scarecrow as the main antagonist. Penguin, Two-Face, Harley-Quinn, and Ridler are also confirmed as are their respective voice-actors from the series. Additionally, Kevin Conroy returns to voice Batman after skipping Arkham Origins. Interestingly the game’s subtitle, Arkham Knight, doesn’t refer to Batman, but rather an entirely new arch rival that is being created for the game. If that panics long-time Batman fans then know that DC’s Geoff Johns is behind this new creation.

Arkham Knight will bring with it a much larger, open-world Gotham City to explore. According to the first few bits of information, this game world will be much larger than what was on offer in Arkham City. Furthermore, the streets of this open-world Gotham City have been made wider than the streets were in Arkham City so as to accommodate the Batmobile. Yes, the Batmobile is finally fully available for us to use in the open-world game.

The other bit of fantastic news: there’s no multiplayer.

Batman: Arkham Knight is heading to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One towards the end of 2014. Gamestop has a fixed date of 14 October 2014, but when questioned about that, Rocksteady simply reiterated “2014” for release.

Sources: Kotaku, Kotaku, Game Informer

  • Leonardo

    Aaaaaah So much want, so very very much want. BATMOBILE!
    It is good to hear the multiplayer will be dropped.

    • Miklós Szecsei

      Agreed. There is nothing worse than shoe-horned multiplayer. Honestly, I’d rather have microtransactions because at least those don’t chew up massive portions of development budget. Arkham Origin’s MP was such a joke; there was literally nobody playing it; I think the closest I ever got to a game was having two other people sitting in a lobby with me for 15 minutes before we all gave up.

      • Leonardo

        You actually got that far? I went in, had to update, updated had to create a WB account thingy, did that got in, it gave me some message basically saying “Nope”. It was better that way, Batman works alone… and with the justice league, and Robin, and Catwoman, and Batgirl, and Nightwing, and… Well mostly alone then.

  • BinaryMind

    YEEEEESSS!!!! I like cars. Yes! Batmobile!!!!!!!!! if it has good physics like Just Cause 2, I’m sold!

  • Squirly


    … is what that picture at the top looks like.

    • Miklós Szecsei

      Ohhhh, like the Crysis suit. I get it! :D
      It took me a while, but yeah… got it.

      • Squirly

        This is why the guy works at NAG and makes the big bucks, people.

        Well, works at NAG anyway.

    • Rick de Klerk

      I like how everything is lovingly illuminated… except for Batman’s butt, which is a black hole from which light can never escape.

      • Miklós Szecsei

        Oh LOL! I’m pretty sure there’s an extensive column on male and female stereotypes in there somewhere.

        EDIT: Uhhh, in your comment… not Batman’s butt.

  • Kram

    Absolutely sucks that the PS3 won’t see this game! Very disappointing!


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