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UPDATE: You can still buy and play Titanfall in South Africa

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Is there a stronger “good news” meme than the Prof. Farnsworth one? If so, imagine I started this article with that, because South Africa’s Titanfail problem has turned into a Titanfall solution. You can still buy the game online, and Respawn has confirmed that there is no IP blocking on the servers.

Our friends over on Lazygamer have confirmed that Origin codes are not locked to specific regions and that South African Origin accounts have no issue redeeming them; this despite the fact that the local Origin Store doesn’t even list Titanfall as being available for purchase. Lazygamer redeemed an Australian Origin code and the game is busy downloading in their South African account right this moment.

So how can you get hold of an Origin key? Head on over to local store EVO Points that, alongside selling codes for iTunes, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network, sells game download codes for Steam and Origin. They’ve got a boatload of Titanfall Origin redeem codes for sale at R469 a pop. I just picked up one this morning and was mailed a pre-order code; the EU version of the game launches this Friday, so my actual Origin code will be mailed to me by then. Once the game launches, it’ll just be a matter of logging on to the EU servers (just like in the beta) and you’ll be shooting Titans in the face with the rest of the world.

Of course, it’s great news for local gamers but rubbish news for local retailers who are now going to miss out on sales.

UPDATE: EVO Points has increased the price to R535.00 per Origin key.

Source: Lazygamer

  • FanieNel

    If anyone is getting this game in the Pretoria area, can I copy the game files from you?
    I bought the code from the link above, but I don’t have the data to download the whole game.

    • wdcossey

      Sure mate…

      I just bought the game myself a few minutes ago, I work in Route 21 Corporate Park (opposite the Irene Mall), if you don’t get the files (from elsewhere) before I have finished downloading them I’ll gladly share them.

      FYI: Compressed size over Origin is estimated around 18GB.

      • FanieNel

        Awesome. I live really close to the Irene Mall. When you have finished downloading it, please let me know so that I can bring me external HD to you.
        My email:

        • Wesley Fick

          You should really do this via PM in our forums, for example, because I can guarantee that some web crawlers have already picked up your e-mail addy and added it to spam databases.

          • FanieNel

            Edited it, thanks.

        • Wesley Fick

          No-one is safe on the internet ;-)

      • Bunch Berge

        Send me a PM I want this link too!

  • Tarryn van der Byl

    Also, people using UK and US XBL accounts can buy the game on their consoles.

  • Bunch Berge

    Wow they really overpriced the key – taking advantage of this shit

  • Mystx

    Can anyone confirm ping? anything over like ~50 and im out.


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