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WIN: one of twenty adorable Rambo figurines

UPDATE: It turns out we actually have twenty (not ten) figurines to give away in total, ten of each of the ones pictured below. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. Well, it changes some things. One thing really. A number, to be specific.


And other such things. BT Games has been kind enough to offer us 20 uncomfortably cute figurines depicting John Rambo being John Rambo, but cute. This is to celebrate the imminent launch of Rambo: The Video Game.

If all the above words intrigue you, follow us into the deadly jungle below.

Perhaps not actually deadly, but filled with prizes for sure. Here’s what the figurines look like:

If you like the look of ‘em, leave a comment below and at some point in the future we’ll draw 20 random winners.

  • Ghost

    The figurines are better than the game.

  • Ashley Marie Davidson

    “To survive a war, you gotta become war!” Totally love these… and I’m greedy and want one of each ;)


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