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WildStar out on 01 June, pre-order bonuses revealed


Good grief, but this game has taken forever to find its release date. Carbine Studios and publisher NCsoft have announced that the long-time-coming MMORPG WildStar will be out on 03 June 2014. Alongside the release date announcement, NCsoft revealed a Deluxe Edition of the game, as well as a collection of pre-order bonuses for those wanting to throw money at their screens before 03 June.

The Deluxe Edition of WildStar comes with an Eldan hoverboard, a title for your character, a costume and a dye set for whatever armour you choose to clad your space-beastie in. Both the Standard and the Deluxe editions come with 30 days of playtime, seven guest passes and Eldan décor items for your player housing.

Insofar as pre-orders are concerned, you’ll get an exclusive Rocket House, exclusive in-game item, a piece of décor for your house and an expanded inventory. In addition to the digital goodies, pre-orders will also come with beta weekend access and access to the full game three days before it releases to anyone else. I guess that means you’ll be able to grind your way to higher levels so that you look extra cool when the game releases to those cheapskate bastards who didn’t want to pre-order.

As usual with WildStar, a new and thoroughly entertaining trailer has been released, which details the pre-order bonuses.


Whichever version of the game you purchase comes with 30 days game time. Once that’s up you need to pay $14.99 per month to keep playing. That or there’s an intricate system that allow you to utilise in-game currency to purchase an item called C.R.E.D.D. which turns into game time. You can read about that here.

Via: Polygon

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  • FanieNel

    I don’t know if I should get this or not. I don’t want to risk the chance that it will get cancelled in SA right before release day.

    Wait, wait, I’m pre-ordering it end of the month. The game looks life tons of fun.

    • Miktar Dracon

      You’re okay paying R160 a month for what’s really quite a generic MMO?

      • FanieNel

        Yeah, I like the art style, all the customization options, the characters and classes. It is something I will most definately try out for the first month, and if it stays as good and fun, then I’ll subscribe.
        The same goes for Elder Scrolls Online.

        • Miktar Dracon

          Serious question: then why not play WoW? It’s established, has years of patching and content.

          • FanieNel

            I have played it WoW before, but got bored fast. It had a few interesting things, but to get them, you must grind to level up. I am looking forward to the new expansion (updated models), but that is a long way away.

            I want to give something new a chance.

          • Miktar Dracon

            ESO and WildStar also involve a lot of grinding to level up, just so you know. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try them – by all means do, only you know what you like – but as a heads up, neither does anything WoW doesn’t already do.

          • FanieNel

            The other reason I’m not too interested in WoW is because of all the negative hype it had received in the years.

            I’m looking forward to WildStar of the following reasons: It has the housing features, the costume system where you can change the look of the armour without having to change the armor itself, and a few more.

            I’m looking forward to ESO for the combat system, you can explore places you want to explore and not follow certain predetermined paths. Also the PVP sounds and looks interesting.

            I can go on and on about the pros and cons about a lot of MMO games (I have played a lot of them) and these have some interesting features that WoW doesn’t have.

          • Shaun Mackintosh

            You also have new lore, new characters/personalities, new artwork (new everything basically) to look forward to in Wildstar. Combat is a bit different from WoW; New classes, abilities and systems, etc.

            I know some if not all of these aspects can be found in various mmo’s but Wildstar seems to have a good recipe going for it

            I still play and enjoy WoW but that’s just because I can play with friends. Everything else is kinda meh at this point. Hopefully that changes with Warlords but that’s ages away.

          • Miktar Dracon

            Don’t misunderstand – I don’t want you to play WoW. I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m just amused sometimes how a game can come along and tout “features” when they’re not really features, just… standards. Transmuting one armour’s look on to another? Nothing new, almost all MMOs do it. Housing? Most mmos have instanced housing now. Etc. After Guild Wars 2, I just can’t understand why anyone would pay a monthly sub, is all. It’s a huge ripoff.

  • Bladefury

    With all due respect I’ve been following the game for a very long time, and apart from a few graphical similarities, its a far cry from WoW.


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