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Far Cry 4 expected to be released in early 2015


Eurogamer claims that Ubisoft aims to release Far Cry 4 before the end of the next financial year and that the game will be previewed at E3 in June. In addition, the game will be set around the epic mountain ranges of the Himalayas – a big shift from the series’ penchant for tropical locations – and it is expected to be released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. No word yet on whether the game will make its way to previous-gen consoles. Hit the jump for more info.

An image taken from an early build of the game.

An image taken from an early build of the game.

The gameplay in Far Cry 4 is expected to be largely similar to Far Cry 3‘s with a large world map filled with outposts for the player to liberate. Players will also be given the ability to ride elephants and a host of new features are expected to accompany the game’s new setting in the Himalayas. Given the sheer size and scope of the mountainous region, the new location could be the perfect way to extend the already excellent series of games.

Source: Eurogamer

  • Rick de Klerk

    I see most people just like to forget that Far Cry 2 ever existed.

    • NAG Online

      LOL, I was thinking the same thing while I was editing this piece. If that’s true, people are clearly insane, because I think Far Cry 2 is great.

      • BinaryMind

        But Farcry 3 improved on absolutely everything from Farcry 2. The outpost respawning was so irritating in FC2 and the vehicle physics were horrendous. Also there were no deadly animals because, “it would take too much time to code the AI”. Lol. That’s why i love the third one. Just wanted to put my opinion out there :P

        • Rick de Klerk

          I really liked Far Cry 2. Even given some of its failures, it got a lot right.

          The free-form approach to missions, disempowerment of the player, emergent (ugh, I know, it’s so overused now, but bear with me) narrative and wholesale dedication to realism and grounding the player in the world (whether it was the enforced travel or the minimal UI) were things that it was faulted for that later titles have been lauded for. See DayZ, Metro 2033, etc.

          It was ahead of its time in many ways, and I think if it came out today it would be received more favourably.

          • Miklós Szecsei

            So long as the respawning was fixed, I’d agree with you on it being received more favourably today.

          • Gordon

            Does anyone know if there’s any kind of fix/hack to stop all the respawning in FC2 ?

          • NAG Online

            Exactly this. For all its frustrations (and granted, there were many), Far Cry 2 is incredibly special.

      • Alex Rowley

        It felt weird shooting at people shouting at me with Afrikaans accents lol.


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