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WIN: one of two SanDisk USB 3.0 flash drives

Data is best when it’s portable. Someone very wise once said that. Maybe. I mean, I’ve personally never heard anyone say that, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. And there’s probably a 50% chance that the person who said it was wise. So hey.

SanDisk is all about making data portable, and they’d like to share all that portability with you.

Delve below for more.

SanDisk has very generously provided us two 16GB USB 3.0-powered Cruzer Extreme flash drives (valued at R549.99 each) to give away to two lucky readers. You can read more about them on the official product page.

If you fancy the hell out of them, all you have to do is leave us a comment below to get yourself entered. Then, once The Future arrives we will randomly select two winners. And while you’re all hopped up on SanDisk, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

  • Alister Ho

    Give It To Me!

  • Michelle


  • C0M3D1AN

    Could a memory stick be that attractive?

  • Skye

    Mmmm a designer can never be without a flash drive, and one of these will laugh in the faces of my large design files

  • Ghost

    I need one of these. All my 8GB flash drives are full.

  • Francois Neethling

    ooooh! I love the extreme line! soo good

  • Cassandra Verwey

    Awesome! Would love to win one of these :)

  • Marco Bozza

    Schweet :D

  • Dirk Odendaal

    Cool prize

  • Clyde_Tha_PlayR

    All that space……

  • Killa Bee

    Look so pretty…

  • F_BiTE

    Does this count as a comment?

  • Ross

    Mmm, nice…

  • Mike

    Fingers crossed comment entered hoping for some good feels from the judges

  • Sidney Bower

    ohhh I just love storage and would definatly not mind getting my hands on one of those baby’s ,go sandisk and of course nag ;-)

  • Madelein Pretorius

    ScanDisk is the best!!

  • Priyesh Kasan

    16gb!! Super awesome!! :D

  • MK02

    SanDisk is just awesome !! one can never have enough flash drives !!

  • Brett

    One of these would be great :D

  • C0M3D1AN

    Eat them apples (-.-)


    Extreme is in the name so it has to be good.

  • Dylan Hobson

    If I say pretty please can I have one?

  • Ibrahim Chhaya


  • fb

    So True because I have so much files on my pc i definitely need more space to play Dead space


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