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COD: Ghosts Devastation trailer is devastatingly clichéd


If ever you were in doubt as to Call of Duty’s target market, then allow this latest trailer to remind you. Upcoming multiplayer DLC “Devastation” has been detailed in a bro-tastic new trailer featuring Eminem, liberal f-bombs and plenty of slooooooooow motion to maximise the bro-ness. Also, there’s a Predator towards the end, which at least solves last week’s rumours as to whether the DLC would feature Arnie’s arch nemesis in some sort of bizarre cross-over.

Devastation is the second helping of brawesome DLC for last year’s rather disappointing Call of Duty: Ghosts. The pack adds four new bro-maps: Behemoth, Collision, Ruins and Unearthed. It also adds another chapter of four-player co-op missions in the alien-themed Extinction mode. There are new beasties on display including the rather gargantuan Kraken.

There’s not much information as to how the Predator will be involved. Hopefully he’s AI controlled and just pops up during levels to stab random bros in the face before skinning them and hanging their corpses upside-down for some other bro to find. Yeah, that’d at least add something new to the Call of Duty franchise. But seriously, you need to check out this fratboytastic trailer after the jump; I’m not sure if it’s serious or if it’s being deliberately ironic. NSFW lyrics so crank that volume down, yo.

Get ready to smash an empty beer can on your forehead, bros:

  • Wesley Fick

    Slim Shady does not deserve to be tied in with video games.

    • Stan Smith

      *such video games

  • BinaryMind

    It’s so sad. The game is for children (evidence in multiplayer) but it has so much swearing, even in the trailer now. I weep for humanity.


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