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Oh look! The Crew is still alive

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I still get goosebumps and spine-tingles when I watch the original E3 2013 trailer for Ubisoft and Ivory Tower’s The Crew and recently another video popped online showing off some more gameplay footage, but this time from a different, more “cinematic” perspective (if that’s the appropriate word). The Crew was initially expected to launch in 2015 and with any luck Ivory Tower will announce a release date later this month or possibly at E3 2014. Hit the jump to see the new video!

There’s a definite downgrade in the visuals compared to the E3 reveal trailer. The cars are a little less detailed, reflections are less pronounced and in the sections which show in-game footage, there’s been a big drop in background quality. But then again, I’m not surprised considering that game publishers have been selling us games based on bullshots and pre-rendered video sequences which look way more impressive for years.

But this shouldn’t detract from the work that Ivory Tower is doing and the sheer scale of the in-game map is incredible. According to Ubisoft Project manager Charles-Arthur Bourget in an interview with DealSPWN, The Crew‘s map size is approximately 5,000km² and crossing from one coast of America to the other would take just over an hour and a half in a tuned car on good roads and four hours for a trip all along the map’s borders.

Ubisoft has made no announcement on the game’s release, only that it would be somewhere in Q3 2014 and launch for desktop PCs running Windows and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

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  • Alex Rowley

    The micro transactions for this game have made me lose all hype for it. it’s a full priced game plus pay to win. And it is pay to win because Ubisoft themselves have said you can buy performance parts with real money, disgraceful really.

    • Wesley Fick

      It depends on how they do this and whether they give enough attention to it. If it’s like Forza 5, where real money and in-game currency appear on the screen at the same time and with equal weighting, then I’m against it. If they do it like GT6, where the money packs are only available on PSN if you know what to look for, then I’m okay with that.

      If some people are constrained enough for time to not want to progress through the game normally, then make them work to find the money packs. This isn’t a F2P game where all the revenue comes in from microtransactions.

      Rockstar’s figures show that with the microtransactions in GTA Online up until the end of January, they can only look forward to earning an extra $2 on every copy of GTA V sold when you even out the money earned against retail sales. Whether the expenditure is worth it is something companies will have to decide for themselves, even though $2 on millions of sales can pile up,.


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