Oh hi there, Evil Within! We didn’t see you sneaking up on us with that tastefully rusted meat cleaver you’re wielding. It sure is creepy looking! What are you, uhhh, what are you planning on doing with that, buddy? We’re just going to go and stand over there in case, you know, you accidentally hit one of our major arteries with all of that arm flailing you’re doing.

Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks just released a new trailer for the game. This latest one is their PAX East trailer, and it features a lot of new gameplay footage and some rather tasteful music. It’s all very grimy and rusty and, well, gross really. In other words: two enthusiastic thumbs up – wonderful family fun!

Trailer is after the jump. It might be considered NSFW largely due to all the screaming you are about to do while watching it. Other than that, enjoy!

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