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Watch this: gory as hell new trailer for The Evil Within


Oh hi there, Evil Within! We didn’t see you sneaking up on us with that tastefully rusted meat cleaver you’re wielding. It sure is creepy looking! What are you, uhhh, what are you planning on doing with that, buddy? We’re just going to go and stand over there in case, you know, you accidentally hit one of our major arteries with all of that arm flailing you’re doing.

Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks just released a new trailer for the game. This latest one is their PAX East trailer, and it features a lot of new gameplay footage and some rather tasteful music. It’s all very grimy and rusty and, well, gross really. In other words: two enthusiastic thumbs up – wonderful family fun!

Trailer is after the jump. It might be considered NSFW largely due to all the screaming you are about to do while watching it. Other than that, enjoy!

  • Alex Rowley

    This os looking pretty good, I’m always down for more horror games and the whole weaponless FPS thing is getting kind of old hat now.

    Also I just recently watched the shining and this game has a corridor get overflowed with blood. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Bjorn bjorgensen

      Many games and movies have done this. FEAR for instance

      • Alex Rowley

        FEAR had a corridor of blood, not blood flowing down a corridor like a wave. Also i honestly can’t think of any other game that has had that.Not even Dead Space

  • FanieNel

    This is looking good, but for me it is more disturbing than scary. There are some creepy moments and “things” in it that has caught my interest. I might just be me, but most of the scary or creepy games have become quite the same.
    I just hope this will be different than the rest and be well worth it.

  • Jordan

    Lol, “May” Contain Content Inappropriate For Children


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