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Join us tonight for UT2004 Super Retro Gib Friday

super retro gib friday

It’s finally Friday, and that means it’s the first ever, officially unofficial NAG Unreal Tournament 2004 Super Retro Gib Friday – and everybody is invited! Free hugs supplied by my Shield Gun all night.

WHERE: The Iteology UT2004 server, IP address: ut2004://

WHEN: 8pm until game over.

WHAT: There is no “what”.

We’ve also got a Mumble server set up for chat, which you can find on - look for the “NAGlings” channel, and be ready for lots of girly shrieking. More info about that over here if you’ve no idea what any of that actually means.

If you don’t own a copy of Unreal Tournament, we’ll just pretend that never happened. In the meantime, go on over to GOG (cheap!) or Steam (not as cheap!) and fill this sucking black hole in your existence.

Exploding high fives to Robert Stevens at Iteology for hosting the game server for us, as well as NAG community superheroes Jeronkey and Cynikill for organising everything.

  • Delano

    I’m there!

  • Byron Will-Noel

    I can’t remember the last time I wanted to stay home on a Friday night so badly!

    Any additional map packs we could/should pre-download?

  • Wesley Fick

    I’m going to be in it to win it. So long as I mute FreakKing on Mumble…

    • Rouvierre FreakKing Kennard

      WHYYYYY??? I call your name because of LOVE!

      • Wesley Fick

        That’s what you call love, I call it blatant abuse. You hack my brain and then you burst me into little meat bubbles.


  • Graham Ziervogel

    Whattttt, how am I only seeing this now? Probably won’t make it but sheesh next time am I going to get some multi-kills. Should get some retro quake world or even warsow going.

    • Wesley Fick

      The action goes down every night, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on much.

      • Byron Will-Noel

        I missed last night unfortunately. Same mumble channel?

        • Wesley Fick

          Same channel, might be the same time as well :) We managed to crash the server last night, so we’ll have to wait on Jeronkey for confirmation that we’re good to go.

          • Byron Will-Noel

            Rad. I’ll catch you guys online soon!

          • Byron Will-Noel

            Probably a silly question, but how does one use that IP address? Never played UT online!

          • Tarryn van der Byl

            Choose “Join Game” on the main menu. Right-click the “Internet” tab, and select “Join IP”. You can copy-paste the address there.

          • Byron Will-Noel



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