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Watch this: Elizabeth’s transformation during development


BioShock Infinite didn’t win very many awards for outstanding gameplay; it was a pretty generic first-person shooter that played it safe and didn’t stray too far from the BioShock formula. It did, however, perfect the AI companion. We all hate AI companions, but Irrational Games went out of their way to ensure that Elizabeth would be highlighted as the quintessential AI companion for years to come.

She did, however, go through a bunch of visual changes over the development period. Website IGN has just shared a video detailing the evolution of Elizabeth, who originally started out as a much older, mute woman who could control the weather. Nobody has seen that Elizabeth before; she was simply referred to as the “Gibson Girl” back then.

Additionally, a Reddit thread has shared a neat evolution picture, part of which you can see above in the header image. Full picture and evolution video after the jump.

Booker, catch!


Source: Reddit
Via: Kotaku

  • Alex Rowley

    I personally don’t think Elizabeth was the perfect A.I partner. She pretty much just stayed out of the way by basically not being part of the world, there times in the Buried at Sea part 1 DLC where I was trying to sneak up on people and she was in plain sight and nobody was alerted. She’s basically a ghost that only you can see.

    I would nominate Ellie from the Last of Us as being a true A.I partner that never frustrated me.


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