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Giblets: Using Netflix? There’s a scam going around

If you’re one of the many thousands of South Africans using a DNS service like Unotelly to access online streaming services like Netflix, be warned that there is a e-mail scam doing the rounds that asks people to either call a toll-free US-based number for more help, or to log into a fake website to enter your username and password details to keep your account active. Just like those utterly retarded Blackberry chain messages that say you need to spam fifteen friends to keep your account open, don’t trust any e-mails ostensibly sent to you by Netflix that use Uppercase Letters For Every Word In A Sentence and have poor grammar.

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  • Byron Will-Noel

    I had “Microsoft” call me the other day saying they can fix the “critical errors” on my PC by allowing them to log on remotely.

    • Wesley Fick

      I never get these calls. Those ass-hats will have no idea what they’ll be in for.

      • Byron Will-Noel

        Ag, they hang up the split second they realise you are on to them. I think the best thing is to ask them to hold for a second, then leave them hanging….

        • Christopher Hart

          I remember getting one of those calls from “Microsoft” and being a computer user since I was about 3 (now 29) I asked him how the hell he is able to see that my ‘Windows pc is spreading viruses’ when not only is it not connected to the internet, it at the moment was not even powered on, and actually runs Ubuntu 6.10, the person hangs up.


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