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Indie showcase: Beyond Perception

perception 1

The use of lines, tones and textures in the three-dimensional world is nothing to scoff at; they help us to navigate in any space and they maximize our understanding of visual information. However, what if they were removed from our view entirely? That’s the idea entertained in Beyond Perception.

The game is an experimental romp through several pieces of contemporary art located within a gallery. Players stand upon a small square in front of each frame and are then inexplicably absorbed into the images. From here, they have to find their way back into the gallery, but it won’t be easy; in these worlds, boundaries aren’t designated, and players need to use their brains to fill in the blanks lacking in visual clues. Essentially, you’re viewing a two-dimensional world from a three-dimensional perspective, and it’s oh-so-good at lubricating those mental cogs a bit.

perception 2

The game is a simple and quick affair that shouldn’t take you too long to complete. There is but a single “episode”, though the developers are promising more exhibitions and paintings in future releases. As it stands, it’s a lovely, haunting and almost melancholic attempt at something quite unorthodox and an interesting reversal of the cliché concerning “games as art”.

If you’re ready to challenge your perceptions, cast your optical organs this way and download the prototype. The good news is that everybody can have a go, regardless of whether or not they use Windows, OS X or Linux. While you wait for your download meter to reach 100%, check out the trailer below:

  • Wesley Fick

    In their next title, I want to see them attempt to use a 3D environment while thinking about the properties of the object in four dimensions. It will be difficult, but it will be interesting to see if a game would be able to crack how seeing things in other dimensions would work.

    • Delano

      Ha. If we agree that “time” is the 4th dimension, then we can already list Braid, Prince of Persia and others in that category ;)

    • Miktar Dracon

      You’ve never played Antichamber, have you. :P

      But in more seriousness:

  • James

    “linux” YAY


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