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Giblets: Ubisoft’s The Division delayed to Q2 2015

While it seems that the bubble is reaching bursting point for the gaming industry where money spend is concerned, some publishers are taking things far more seriously and returning to focus on the quality of their games rather than how soon they can ship them. Ubisoft did this a little while back, putting Watch Dogs and The Crew back a bit to improve the quality of both games in order for them to not flop on launch (a ballsy call, IMO).

Now the combined teams of Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Red Storm have announced that it’s also holding back Tom Clancy’s The Division until Q2 2015, with some more details about the game coming at E3 2014. The official word from Ubisoft Massive is that the decision was made to not compromise on quality and that the game will be released “when it’s ready”.

Source: Ubisoft

  • slhavec


    • Wesley Fick

      Fixed, thanks!

  • Alex Rowley

    You know these delays by Ubisoft have made me at least have a bit of sympathy for DICE. (A freaking small amount). The amount of outrage and people saying they weren’t gong to buy Watchdogs when it got delayed kinda sends a mixed message.

    BF4 got a lot of deserved shit for the crap state it was in when it launched and it should have been delayed. When a company delays a game for these exact reasons however they get slammed for it as well, like do people really want a game the devs feels isn’t actually good enough to be released?

    • BinaryMind

      Rather delay than release crap. It’s just unfortunate that there are a lot of awful mean gamers on the planet.

    • Wesley Fick

      Fortunately, the amount of people who will wait patiently are the ones who become the core audience for those games, not the people who moan when it’s delayed to improve the game’s quality.

      If Watch Dogs on the PC ends up being up to scratch and does as well as they hope it will, I will finally install Uplay. As things stand I only allow Origin on my PC because of Crysis, which I can’t not love.


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