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Oh look! It’s Far Cry 4


While everyone was having dinner and catching up Game of Thrones last night, Ubisoft decided to reveal Far Cry 4. Despite the fact that the game has been rumoured for a few months now, the reveal was a little out of left-field considering E3 is less than four weeks away.

As rumours suggested, Ubisoft is replacing the sun-drenched beaches of Far Cry 3 with the wind-swept mountains of the Himalayas. Just like the fictional Rook Islands of Far Cry 3, the game’s sequel takes place in the fictional Kyrat, which Ubisoft describes as “an untamed region currently ruled by a despotic self-appointed king.”

Not much else has been revealed aside from an intriguing reveal image (below and after the jump) and the fact that you’ll be facing enemies as well as wildlife, just like in Far Cry 3. The game is out for us in South Africa on 20 November, and it’s heading to PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Yeah, by now you shouldn’t really need to ask: it’s not coming to Wii U.


Of course, Ubisoft wants you to pre-order the game IMMEDIATELY, so they’re offering a mission pack called “Hurk’s Redemption”. If you recall, Hurk featured in the series of additional “Monkey Business” missions in Far Cry 3. His new mission set will be exclusive to the Far Cry 4 Limited Edition, which everyone gets automatically if you pre-order. The “Hurk’s Redemption” add-on features three additional missions and access to that decidedly phallic harpoon gun called The Impaler. Classy!


Ubisoft has promised a full reveal during their E3 press conference.

Source: Ubiblog

  • Wesley Fick

    Cannot wait, cannot wait, cannot wait!

  • BinaryMind

    I’m such a buzz kill but I’m going to say it anyway: I hate pre-order DLC. Removing content from the game and and only giving it to people who pre-order. Gaming publishers so evil these days. Sigh

    • Squirly

      I’m kinda with you there. Mind you, I’ve seen boxed shelf copies come with the pre-order bonuses if you buy it on or soon after release. I got all the pre-order bonuses for XCOM EU that way, and I’m ok with it if they include those people who buy launch editions. Of course, it might irk those people who ACTUALLY pre-order, but those people are morons anyway so we don’t really need to waste a second thought on them.

    • Alex Rowley

      Normally don’t care about DLC because it’s always stupid crap that I don’t want.

      Only time it irritated the hell out of me was when the Spartans for Rome 2 Total War was made pre order DLC.

      • BinaryMind

        With me, I don’t care how small it is, if there is a hat missing from the main game, something that someone else has that i don’t just because I didn’t pre-order pisses me off. I want to buy the damn game when I damn well please with everything they have made on release without holding anything back AND at the same time they must not force me to buy it early before I know anything about it.

        *End rant* :)

  • SgtWoegerfenning

    I’ll be the first to say it. That baddie… Absolutely fabulous!

  • Alex Rowley

    sounds good to me but the fact that it was announced this year and it’s coming out this year is a little worrying. It;s what normally happens to annualised games and I really hope they don’t do that with this game.

    • BinaryMind

      Agreed. Don’t really want the life sucked out of this game like CoD.

    • Wesley Fick

      Well they have had about two years to work on it from Far Cry 3’s release and I think Ubisoft is stepping up its game to make quality titles and not shovelware. I have no doubts that it’ll be good because Blood Dragon proved that Ubisoft Montreal can have a bit of fun.

      • Alex Rowley

        Ubisoft have been doing things lately I wouldn’t actually expect of them so hopefully they do want to keep quality over quantity.

  • Byron Will-Noel

    It’s this kind of pre-order nonsense that encourages piracy.

  • bob

    I thought it was hulks redemption , oh well there goes my hype for this


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