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WIN: hyper-fancy MGS V: Ground Zeroes goodies


Today! Today is Friday! And just in case that isn’t already the best news you’ll ever hear, Ster Kinekor would like to help make your existence even sexier.

Furiously click your mouse at the button below for extra happiness. And eye patches. Always eye patches.

Up for grabs are two Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes hampers. Each one contains a Ground Zeroes-themed cap, T-shirt and lanyard. One of them contains a copy of the game on 360, while the other holds the Ps3 version. Choices, choices.

If you’d like the chance to win one of these hampers, all you’ve got to do is leave us a comment below, specifying your preference for either the PlayStation or Xbox copy of the game.

Please note that this competition is open only to residents of South Africa.

Now go, person wot reads, and be the best Friday you can be.

  • Firepunch

    Don’t keep me waiting for that xbox 360 bundle

  • Karabo Seipelo

    XBOX copy

  • Damian Richards

    snake don’t you dare take my ps3 copy

  • MattAv

    Snake? Snake? Snaaake!! An Xbox version would be awesome!

  • RooiBosTeaBagger

    My PS3 needs a new playmate.

  • Brett

    !/ PS3 !/

  • Chris Roberts

    Captain Sir….. can I please have one

  • Alister Ho

    XBox 360 pretty puhleeez

  • Michelle

    Can I get the Xbox 360 hamper plz.

  • momo

    ps3 :D

  • Bigdave87

    I have a beard just like that! Either platform is fine.

  • Cassandra Verwey

    PS3 Please! Would be awesome! :)

  • Sidney Bower

    XBOX XBOX XBOX whoohoo would really be appreciated !! Holding thumbes

  • John-Christie Claassen

    Going once…

  • Tevin

    Playstation is awesome!

  • Marco Bozza

    PS3 for me <3

  • NAG fan

    I would really love to have this game for my PS3

  • NAG fan

    Metal Gear would be a Solid game for my PS3

  • NAG fan

    Thanx for the prize, I’ll take that on my PS3 plz

  • NAG fan

    Metal Gear would be Solid for my PS3

  • Ghost

    PS3, please.

  • quinton

    Would love it on XBOX360
    It would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pulseofthe Maggot

    ERMAGERD PS3 please!

  • Skye

    What?! I didn’t even know this came out!!!! Ashamed. Love metal gear! Sweet delicious blood and war! (Playstation)

  • vellie

    I prefer playstation


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