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The Forest hits Steam Early Access on 29 May


Remember The Forest? You so remember The Forest – it’s that gorgeous looking open world survival game that features horrific monsters and other scary things with too many arms and sharp teeth. When we first heard about it, we couldn’t stop gushing. The more we heard about it, the better it sounded. Good news then: you’ll be playing an Early Access build of it next week.

The game will be available via Steam’s Early Access on 29 May. It’ll cost $14.99. Those unfamiliar with Steam Early Access should know that that will get you an early but playable build of the game. That will then update to the final release once the game is done. It’s a game release mechanism that Mojang popularised with Minecraft. Also worth noting is that the Early Access build will feature Oculus Rift support, because scary games are even more scary when they’re ATTACHED TO YOUR FACE.

If you were hoping for a new trailer, then by golly are you in luck. This is the third official trailer for the game and it shows off a new enemy type. Check it out after the jump.

  • Gregory

    Why oh why must it cost so much?! Looking forward to it though!

    • Miklós Szecsei

      R160? That’s really not a lot for a game these days when you’re paying upwards of R800 for a PS4 title.

      • Gregory

        I’m 15. Anything above free is too much for me. I have the money to pay for it, but my mom is against gaming, and this leads to me not being allowed to spend cash on games. All my paid games are either gifts from friends, or from my dad. For instance, I wanted to get the Bohemia Interactive special the other day, Arma 2 and the like, but my mom said no, so no special. *sigh* it sucks sometimes…..

        • FanieNel

          Once you get to work and earn your own money, you will experience the joy of buying anything you want to. Just hang in there.

        • Miklós Szecsei

          Ah, I see. Well then yes, that certainly makes things trickier. :(

  • Joshua Cilliers

    Sweet Lord Cthulhu! This looks amazing!

  • FanieNel

    It looks awesome. I can’t wait to play it when the complete game releases.

    Turns out it is available on pay day, and I’m house sitting a place with uncapped internet, that means it is time to abuse the internet and my wallet once again.

    On a side note:
    I hate all these early access stuff. They should just take their time to make a complete game and then release it into the wild. Sure, this is a good way to find bugs and iron out some rough edges, but still, they should do a internal alpha test, then a closed beta test to a few more people, then after that they can release the game then bring out patches.

    • Michael Bouwer

      I agree. It seems to be the trend nowadays.

      I love testing out Early Access games, but only if the developer actually intends to release the game at some stage. I think for a lot of Developers, Early Access means quick money and less pressure to finish the game and its sad because there are a lot of really good games that use the community’s feedback and work on their mistakes as soon as they get them pointed out.

      Flippen Early Access temptations…

  • BinaryMind

    “…because scary games are even more scary when they’re ATTACHED TO YOUR FACE.”



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