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WIN: a Razer mouse and headset combo!

Hello you!

How’d you like to win some Cool Stuff?

Of course you’d like that. We know you’d like that very much. And you can thank Razer, who’ve provided all the lovely Cool Stuff in question.

Click it. CLICK IT GOOD.

Up for grabs is a hamper containing a Razer Taipan ambidextrous gaming mouse and a Razer Kraken Pro gaming headset. They’re mighty sexy! And they’re also very good at what they do. You can find more info on the Taipan here, and on the Kraken Pro here.

If you’d like the chance to win this pair of gadgets, simply leave a comment in the box below. Someday, we will draw a winner. Someday. Photos below.

Please note that this competition is open only to residents of Kuala Lumpur.

Just kidding, this competition is open only to residents of South Africa. Sorry, Kuala Lumpurians.


  • Cassandra Verwey

    So sleek and truly beautiful design! Would love to win!!

  • Wizzer

    So listen – check here, so I’m jamming lekker BF4 last night. I reckon I’m beasting it, 2 kill streaks at a time. What netcode? Netcode se…I’m tearing through your netcode. i move too fast. You following? (you always following bro u slow) Fraggin while they laggin. Dope. Anyways so im chucking duk grenades on lockers 24/7, slamming on that middle mouse button you check. noobs falling, KD 10 – 40 but still BALLIN. Haters in the chat box gon hate in the chat box. listen so i turn that sheet off and lay down claymores. ClayMOARS you with me? Sick. So i’m feeling the snow outside i reckon i skop a duk flank and surprise these teabaggs. yissus oues, i wont even lie to you, my razer diamondback mouse from my Gr9 LAN partys, (thats 2005 chinas) starts smoking. okes. i swear. im not even that fast but this thing is smoking for real. 9 years i reckon is a good innings but yoh, i cant now. im jamming microsoft optical you know the original and headphones i got free in a Rikki taxi. fellas, im still doing welsh but i reckon this prize would be Swellendam. Shot alot.

  • N4saken

    This is my comment

    To prove a point


  • Sidney Bower


  • Dylan Hobson

    Ah, you didn’t have to get me anything for my birthday, but I wont say no to this

  • Keagan Blignault

    Chuck norris…once saw a kraken and said…”to Narnia…?” no TO TAIPAN!

    the end

  • De4thDr4g0n

    YOU SHALL……. NOT GIVE THIS TO ANYONE EXCEPT ME Otherwise I will google your address and set fire to the rain so it may fall upon YOU!!!…….errr….PASS!!

  • Johann Pretorius

    When I saw that only residents in Kuala Lumpur can entered, I thought NOOOOOOOOOOO, really!! Lol, you got me there, great one!! Would love to win this. You are right, they are mighty sexy!!!

  • Madelein Pretorius

    Love it s6 much. It’s really sexy!

  • DeonB

    Now this is a beautiful combo up for grabs! If I could attain these fine pieces of hardware I might not have to use my beaten-up and sellotaped headphones anymore :/

  • DeonB

    Does cheating work regarding these comments? Or is having two comments on the page not seen as cheating? O.o hopefully nobody will notice my other comment…

  • Magda Bester

    Wow, this prize is awesome. I need this so much for my work. Just love it!!

  • Brett

    The beauty of these :'( brings tears to my eyes

  • Alicia Grobler

    Looks amazing

  • Josh

    RAZER GEAR o_O i need it!!!

  • WarBlunder

    Mouse smouse. I can play games just fine with my touchpad. And as for sound, I’ve got two words – closed captions.

  • Zivai Kanengoni

    …And someday they will be mine.Someday.


    All my gear broke and I need some plus getting razer gear from nag is like having a unicorn jump over a double rainbow while rapping dubstep. PRETTY AMAZING!

  • Wildwil


  • Clyde_Tha_PlayR

    I’ll use the headsets to block my neighbour from the talking.

    And while my GF’s away, I’ll use the mouse to stop jerking

  • Anthony Weasledna Lane

    WOOT!!! WOOT!!

  • Samuel

    Awesome mouse !

  • Thomas Hawley

    i want to win please

  • Matthew Comley

    just give it to me and then everybody else can go home. kthanks. xD

  • Jonathan Liversage

    Going to play the sympathy card here, need the mouse too replace my almost not working mouse and the headset just bcos i just dont have one, so yes definitely could do with this great prize.


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