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CTF returning to Titanfall PC public playlist


After a public outcry regarding the removal of the CTF and Pilot Hunter modes from the PC version of Titanfall‘s public playlist, developer Respawn Entertainment has reversed their decision to limit the modes to private matches only. The reversal was made despite the fact that less than one percent of players were actually trying to play CTF – meaning that the few who did try were sitting in empty lobbies for several minutes, twiddling their thumbs. “It’s obvious that lots of people were upset – far more than the player counts on the removed modes led us to believe,” the developer said.

Respawn offered a very detailed account of how matchmaking works, but ultimately decided that to solve the problem of not enough people playing CTF it’s going to widen searches after a set period of time to include neighbouring continents. “This means you might end up in a game with a much higher ping than you’re used to, but as players pointed out; playing is preferred to not playing at all,” the developer said.

While playing at high latency will likely cause players to be equally upset as a result of a poorer gaming experience, at least Respawn have shown that they are willing to listen and work with the Titanfall community.

Additional changes and details such as a breakdown of the new matchmaking system and various balance changes can be found on the game’s dev blog.

Source: Eurogamer

  • BinaryMind

    “at least Respawn have shown that they are willing to listen and work with the Titanfall community” …except they won’t officially release the game in SA :P

    • Graham Ziervogel

      Obviously our ‘public outcry’ wasn’t large enough :P funny how they’ll allow those in other territories to play CTF on another continent’s server, but they won’t allow us to play the game at all under those conditions…

    • Chris Kemp

      Hasn’t stopped me ;)

  • PicklePod

    How ’bout mod tools return to their public agenda list…


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