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CryEngine now available on Steam for budding developers


Aspirant designers of first-person shooters set in lush jungle environments with a Lord of the Flies-inspired narrative need cry no more as to where they will acquire an engine capable of rendering their vision in its true majesty. Crytek has officially launched its CryEngine on Steam with their previously announced subscription-based model.

The CryEngine is being offered via monthly subscription with varying levels of discount if you sign up for longer periods. The Steam version gives you access to the full set of CryEngine tools and documentation, and the offer comes in at roughly half of what the Unreal Engine costs and with zero royalty fee requirements. Crytek have launched a real salvo in the game development space by getting their development platform onto Steam, and it’ll be interesting to see whether Unity or Epic Games follow suit.

You can access the Steam store page (and its several screenshots of grass and foliage) here, or give Crytek’s blog post a read for more details.

Source: Crytek

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  • BinaryMind

    Not sure how I feel about software as a service. Spend long making a game and you will end up paying a lot instead of just a once-off, but it’s also cheaper to get started. Hard to weight up.


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