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Giblets: Battlefield 3 is FREE as in BEER

EA has announced that Battlefield 3 is now free on Origin for a limited time! Grab your copy before 03 June 2014 and it’ll be yours to keep forever!

BF3 free on origin

That is all. Oh, it’s also 19GB in size – better get more capped data if you’re running low now.

  • FanieNel

    Awesome. I played BF3 on my brothers’ account a long time ago, and now I want to get back into it again. I still love BF4 with bugs and all, and I want to see how much has changed between the two.

    • Wesley Fick

      With it being free, I wonder if the NAG Retro Group will begin to fit it in somewhere in the weekend.

      • FanieNel

        I hope they will, I really need to find some people to play with. I have made a few friends in BF4 that I played heavily good with in a match. I even made a few enemies too.
        Looking forward to BF3 now.

  • BinaryMind

    Nice. I’ll let all my friends know. They all just play League of Legends. Maybe i can get them to play something else. I’m so alone in my friend group because I’m the only one who plays fun action games. Curse League! :P


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