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Watch Dogs definitely got downgraded, but dayum…

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Watch Dogs has had a moderately successful release so far, with Ubisoft only having to deal with game-breaking bugs mostly on the PC release of the game, while the consoles seem to do just fine for now. However, along with the issues that buyers had with uPlay and Origin purchases of the game (yes, Origin, which is a weird thought) there are still a vocal group of PC and console gamers asking Ubisoft why they sold the game based on graphical details and effects that would end up being chopped out for the game closer to release.

One fan put together a video showing mostly similar action to what was seen in the E3 2012 reveal. Hit the jump to see how big a difference there is.

The main differences between the two games are the environments, the texture quality, in the particle physics that produce smoke in the game and in Aiden’s trench coat that doesn’t billow so easily in the PC release. Granted, what the E3 trailer was meant to do was sell you on the idea of a game that looked and felt completely next-gen and this much is true when you watch it again. Even with the attention to detail of the Ubisoft Montreal team, though, that still can’t hide how drastically different the game today appears from what gamers were sold on. This trend doesn’t seem to let up, does it?

However, there are definitely areas where the two videos line up pretty well. At 2:28, when Aiden takes to the streets to begin an ambush, the games look almost identical, with the biggest differences being in lighting and the water detail on the pavement. Even the fire looks different.

It may be that we have to realise now that none of the videos we see at events like E3 or Gamescom can be taken without salt anymore. The realities of having a CG trailer made with a monster of a machine compared to the hardware inside the PS4 and Xbox One are beginning to catch up with all of us even if, deep down, we probably knew it wasn’t going to look like that at all anyway.

Still, Watch Dogs is getting good reviews and it looks like it’ll be something to tide the PC gaming crowd over while they wait for the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V.

  • Michael Harvey


    • Wesley Fick

      Good question.

    • Alex Rowley

      Apparently you can’t flip them onto their roof as well which is kinda dumb.

      • BinaryMind

        awww man. I hate it when they limit the physics to make it more boring. Oh well, back to Just Cause 2…

  • Squirly

    I’m the last person to cry about graphical fidelity not being in the 99th percentile, but what pisses me off is that it’s blatant false advertising. Show me another industry where you can outright lie to your customers, get them all excited, and sell them a product that doesn’t meet those promises. I don’t care if “the game is still good” or what not. That’s not what was promised, it’s not what Ubisoft sold half of us on.

    So while it might sound like storm-in-a-teacup when people moan about “TEH GRAPHIX!”, it actually touches on something darker and more loathsome and I wish publishers would stop doing that.

    • Whitecopter

      Agreed, that why I never get into hype

    • Alex Rowley

      I agree wholeheartedly with what you have said except about the Ubisoft in this particular case. Yes there was a downgrade but did Ubisoft hide this until people bought it? No, we knew about the downgrade months before the game was going to be released because Ubisoft showed us actual gameplay footage of it. If people were not satisfied with the graphics then they could have easily cancelled their pre-order or just not buy the game. To me this is a very different scenario to what happened with Alines Colonial Marines and Darksouls 2 simply because we knew what the game was actually going to look like.

    • FanieNel

      It got downgraded on all platforms.
      It is even unplayable on PC.

      I have above the recommended specs on my PC and I can’t even play it at 800×600 with everything off. This game is broken as hell.

      I was all excited for this, but now I am sad that I wasted R500 on this garbage.
      Sure, it might get fixed with updates, but releasing it in it’s current state is unacceptable. Once again they have disappointed me, and this is the last time I will ever support Ubisoft.

      • Michael Bouwer

        Sigh….I was banking on these AAA titles to not let us down like all those damn Ealry Access games out there. Well, these days I guess it’s either a small price for a broken Early Access game…or a big price for a broken AAA game…

  • Jordan

    Wesley Fick – I know we talked about it on FB, but Imma ask anyway.

    Does this mean that requirements have unofficially decreased?


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