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Watch this: 7 minutes of Assassin’s Creed Unity gameplay


In case you missed their livestream, Ubisoft has released the seven-minute walkthrough of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Set during the French Revolution, players take on the role of a new assassin called Arno Dorian – a young nobleman who gets into the spirit of la révolution and starts stabbing Templars in the face. Ubisoft says he’s “stealthier, deadlier and more ruthless than any before him”.

As you will see in the gameplay walkthrough, Unity has added a number of new features to the franchise. For a start, there’s now a dedicated Stealth mode, which means it’s now possible to sneak from cover to cover in order to entirely avoid confrontation until you reach your assassination target. Ubisoft has also added a downwards parkour system, which means you can now swing and wall-run your way to the bottom of buildings instead of always having to find a convenient haystack. Finally, combat has been made more difficult, and there’s been some allusions to a character levelling system before you can fight stronger enemies.

In addition to new game mechanics, you get a new piece of equipment called the Phantom Blade, which essentially turns the trademark assassin’s hidden blade into a mini crossbow of sorts. You can see that in the introductory video to Arno below:

Finally, the biggest addition to the game is the four-player co-op that’s been included. Don’t worry, you’re still able to play the entire game on your own, but for you more sociable types you’ll be able to barrel through Unity with three other friends. You, however, will always see yourself as Arno; the rest of your friends will appear as customisable assassins in your game. This means that you’ll get to make a multiplayer avatar, but this is also a bit of a sore point at present: Ubisoft has removed the ability for players to create a female avatar. This, they say, was not up to the design team, but rather Ubisoft top-brass. Adding in female avatars would have, according to Ubisoft, required another 8000 animations and completely different models. Nevertheless, this is causing a bit of a scene and has rapidly become the obligatory E3 controversy. Compounding this is the fact that there are no female playable characters in Unity at all, because competitive multiplayer has been removed from the game.

You can check out the co-op in action below.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is definitely looking fantastic, but by now you should all be sceptical when Ubisoft unveils very impressive gameplay. The game is out at the end of October 2014; it’s heading to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Leonardo

    These trailers popped up on my facebook feed this morning and in case anyone couldn’t hear it, I was squealing like a hyper happy little girl while dancing on my office chair and opening the flood gates located on my face, almost yelling “I WANT THIS!” in a high pitched “I just got kicked in the nads with heels” sort of voice. This game looks awesome, incredible, absolutely beautiful. Someone bring me October, and bring it quickly… with the money needed to buy the game that is… and a new PC or PS4 on which to play it.

    Now please excuse me as I need to wipe the drool and tears ocean off the carpet.

    • ToshZA

      hahaha, well we are in agreement. They seem to have added enough to improve on gameplay, and the world and npc’s etc. look fantastic, and atmospheric. This is on my shopping list.

      • Leonardo

        I am a huge assassin’s creed fan, so I would have been happy even if it was more of the exact same, the series just checks all the right boxes for me personally. Just like call of duty fans don’t buy the game for it’s new concepts, I don’t want assassin’s because they changed stuff, I want it cuz I like the face and throat stabbing. The amount of improvement in the footage I saw of Unity and the way the downward parkour got me pumped just made me super excited.

        E3 videos in rapid succession is a very very bad idea. My budget can’t handle all the awesome. My mind can’t handle one mindsplotion after the other. I look like I have Parkinson from all the goosebumps and shakes these videos have induced.

        I think the NAG website as well as my facebook feed can, for the time being, be deemed as “hazardous to my health”.

        • ToshZA

          hahaha, well I’m only really interested in AC:U and DA:I. Other than that, there’s not too much else that’s got me wanting to insta-buy. But you’re right, AC has a winning formula, and as long as they make minor improvements and keep giving us fresh stories and environments, I’ll happily hand them my money. :D

          • Leonardo

            I don’t have any money left to hand them… do you think they take organs? Obviously not mine, but I still have some family members left, and some friends, and co-workers.

            My list of games I want is way too long.
            I am going to need more friends…
            Hey, uhm, wanna be friends?

  • Alex Rowley

    I’m calling bullshit on them redesigning the combat from the ground up. It’s so obviously the same crappy system.


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