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A warning to your Steam accounts, wallets and credit cards

steam summer sale gabe valve

Stay away from the internet later tonight if you want to have any money left until the end of the month. That is all.

  • Jordan

    Steam Summer Sale?

    • Wesley Fick

      Should start at around 7PM.

  • Cameron Hamman

    Oh yea I didnt spend a cent because of the rumours :P My steam account is going to sh** itself tonight hahaha

  • Squirly

    I already don’t have any money left so I’m safe.


    • FanieNel

      That sounds like me the after pay day.
      I’m still suffering due to last year’s sales…

    • Wesley Fick

      There, there. *pats head*

  • KaoTiK

    how long does the sale last?

    • Wesley Fick

      Too long to resist temptation.

    • Murph .

      Long enough for me to have bought Euro Truck Simulator 2.
      I don’t really like Europe, I’m not really interested in trucks and I hate simulators.
      Just do what the man says – stay away.

      • Wesley Fick

        That game is the most relaxing and frustrating thing I’ve ever played and I love it.

  • Michael Bouwer

    Too late, dammit!

  • BinaryMind

    Ah crap. Wish i saw this before. I too, am a victim :(

    • Wesley Fick

      We have a support group in the forums for people like you. It’s called Gaming Discussion xD

  • Matthew Vice

    Oh man, you were right about that. 30 of the 32 items on my wishlist went on sale.

    That’s some pretty bad temptation there.

  • Alex Rowley

    I have no more money to spend so I’m temptation free!

    “Is that all the farcry games for 1R150!?”

    God damn it.


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