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Giblets: Intel’s future plans shift a bit

According to a leak of a presentation given by Intel at 3D Revolution 2014 in Italy behind closed doors, there are a few shifts in the dates of the launches of the various chips coming out in the second half of 2014 and going into 2015. The presentation claims that Haswell-E will be pushed back into a Q3 or Q4 2014 launch to allow for DDR4 production to ramp up more and to give Intel and its partners more time to prepare their products for the launch.

Broadwell will only be launching for desktops with the K-series unlocked processors in Q1 2015, or just a few weeks after CES 2015 (so, a late January/early February release). Intel remains steadfast in their decision to not make an entire line of chips to replace Haswell and this allows them to switch quickly to Skylake, which pops up in 1H 2015 with a new socket and DDR4 compatibility. In the meantime, though, Broadwell processors will find their place in the mobile segments in laptops, ultrabooks and tablets. Broadwell is only a die shrink to the 14 nanometer process, so shipping it in place of Haswell is easy enough.

Source: TechpowerUp

  • Kill_Em_All

    Not another socket change…. agggggg! Stupid intel. I dare intel to stick to one socket for at least 2gens

    • Wesley Fick

      They’ll probably have to do that for Skylake and Haswell-E while they try to drive DDR4 adoption.

      Technically the better Z97 boards out there do this, because they support Haswell, Devil’s Canyon and Broadwell processors :P


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