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Giblets: AMD is launching a “new” FX chip soon

According to a tweet sent out by AMD’s Vice President, Roy Taylor, AMD is ostensibly planning a new FX processor for socket AM3+. Taylor’s tweet shows a picture of box art for a combo of the processor with a AMD-certified water-cooler, most likely from Asetek, which will be bundled together. AMD’s high-end FX chips previously did not ship with any bundled coolers because most air coolers wouldn’t be sufficient and AMD thought it too presumptuous to give enthusiasts something that they would never use. The blurry photo doesn’t have any text to identify the specs of this processor, so we’ll have to wait to see what AMD is holding up their sleeve.

  • Kill_Em_All

    Its just a re-launch of the fx9590

    • Wesley Fick

      Yep, totally underwhelming.


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