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Giblets: Cliff Bleszinski coming out of “retirement”

Cliff Bleszinski is coming out of “retirement” and will be announcing details about his first game that he’s been working on since he quit his previous position as Lead Designer on the Gears of War series at Epic Games in 2012. Bleszinski has previously said that he wanted to open up his own studio and get back into the arena shooter genre, as well as make a game that had no cutscenes or scripted sequences. Bleszinski is also credited for the Jazz Jackrabbit series and has also been involved in Unreal Tournament along with¬†fellow Epic designer James Schmalz.

  • Michael Bouwer

    Well…that didn’t take long :D/

  • Squirly

    words can’t express the excitement I’m feeling right now

    cause there isn’t any

    • FanieNel

      Well said friend.

  • James

    Okay i wont sall it a come back even though you did, comeback

  • James

    Okay i wont call it a come back even though you are deciding to comeback


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