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Lohan sues Rockstar for allegedly using her likeness in GTAV


Controversial Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is suing GTA V developer Rockstar Games and publisher Take-Two Interactive for allegedly using her likeness without permission. Lohan claims that the GTA V character Lacey Jonas (pictured in the header image) is like her in looks and personal detail. “The portraits of the Plaintiff (Lohan),” reads the court filing, “incorporated her image, likeness, clothing, outfits, Plaintiff’s clothing line products, ensemble in the form of hats, hair style, sunglasses, jean shorts worn by the Plaintiff that were for sale to the public…”

Lacey Jonas is a minor character that makes an appearance during one of the side quests in Grand Theft Auto V. During that side quest you need to help Lacey escape from the paparazzi.

Rockstar has yet to issue a comment on the filing, but we’ll keep you updated. You can check out the gameplay sequence and character in question below. Key marketing artwork has also been called into question as a representation of Lindsay Lohan.


Source: New York Daily
Via: Kotaku and Polygon
Header: Los Santos Directory

  • BinaryMind

    I can’t believe she noticed that in-between her drugs n stuff. I have no sympathy for her.

  • FanieNel

    This is just ridiculous. This is just making a quick buck.
    If she wins this, then I’m going to sue her for being similar to me like being human, having hair, wearing clothes, breathing air.
    She should just stop this before she loses badly.

  • Squirly

    I thought she was talking about one of the 3 main characters.

  • James

    Never heard of her in my entire life so she should get over it and stop bothering them, i want gta V on PC as soon as possible… XD

    • Miklós Szecsei

      You’ve never heard of Lindsay Lohan? God I envy you.

      • liquasilver

        Between the headlines and gossip posts I’m surprised too

  • Bladefury

    Looks more like Anna Faris than anything else.


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