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Cytek’s UK staff force has stopped going to work

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According to Kotaku’s sources,  since yesterday the majority of Crytek UK’s employees are no longer going to work. This isn’t yet another industry lay-off session; they’ve stopped going to work because, much like their friends in the China-based Crytek offices, they haven’t been paid. Earlier in the week, it is believed that a group of Crytek UK employees handed the company an official grievance letter before leaving their posts and the building.

While the exact figure is unknown, some sources have indicated that up to 100 people have left Crytek UK since the company’s trouble began. Whether this includes the number of Crytek UK employees who were laid off last month is unknown.

Homefront: The Revolution, which was revealed at E3 last month, is currently in development at Crytek UK. That development has likely ceased or has at least hit a major slowdown since the staff departures. It has been suggested that the remaining Crytek UK staff are hopeful that the game’s publisher, Deep Silver, will purchase Crytek UK so that development on Homefront: The Revolution can continue. We also hope that happens, because what we saw of the game at E3 was looking really good.

Source: Kotaku

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  • Cameron Hamman

    What an amazing game developer… They use the most amazing Engines too. What a shame… Wouldn’t want to see them go under :(

  • Felix101

    Looks like it is going that way. Sad day in gaming if they go down, they we’re / are the only ones really pushing the graphics on the PC.


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