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Local TrackMania racers show off their stuff


One of the most competitive games in the local online Do Gaming League, TrackMania Nations Forever, has received a big bump in popularity thanks to top player Neil “CMaster” Cross compiling a video (which lies below the break) of the drivers’ efforts. The game is 100% free and anyone can join the league at any time and compete on both the technical (slower and more intricate) and speed (full throttle precision) maps that have been selected for that week. All finished times are recorded and results are collected and posted over on the DGL website. If you think you can compete with the speeds in the video below, get on to the DGL server and start setting some times.

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  • Peet Luckhoff

    Brilliant league, come and join if you think you have the minerals to hang with the frontrunners, or if you simply want to joke around and have some fun.

  • BinaryMind

    Man! i used to play this game soooo much – finished every level gold or above. And I never knew there was a league for it.

    I do remember though that Ubisoft bought this game i think, then they started changing things and skrewing it up. Like every 5 races you had to skip some or something retarded like that… something they wanted me to buy. Argh.

    That’s when I stopped playing.


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