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WIN: an MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card

Hello, person who currently may not own a GeForce GTX 750 Ti GPU, but may end up owning one in the future if this competition goes your way! How are you feeling on this chilly Wednesday? Cold? Us too.

Thankfully, NVIDIA is mighty keen to warm up your day by offering you the chance to get your hands on a shiny new graphics card.

Follow us beyond the break for extra info.

Up for grabs is an MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti GAMING, courtesy of the lovely peoples over at NVIDIA. It’s got things! Things like Twin Frozrs and GDDR5s and OC Modes and Afterburners and military class components, which we naturally assume means that it comes pre-strapped to a Quake III rocket launcher!

Seriously though, it’s very fancy. R2,499 worth of fancy. Need more than a graphics card? Then checkout all that EveTech have to offer in their NVIDIA Gaming PCs range.

If you’d like the chance to win yourself some free hardware, simply drop a comment in the box below.


  • Yuri Solomon

    I hope i win because when the new batman game comes out a wana play it in ultra graphics mode, yyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh bbbbbboooooyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pulseofthe Maggot


  • Peet

    Nice I would love to get this GPU…. Pleaaase nag :D

  • Ryan Graham


    (I am speachless)

  • Herman Lamprecht

    Poor student is poor. Please help :)

  • KR4TOS09

    i love nag it is the best

  • Philip

    This card would be my late 21st gift……. With the card I have at the moment, I can’t even play older games on low graphics. Because of this, I’m getting behind on new games and can’t join discussions about them…. It would be awesome to win this card so please help a fellow gamer out….:-)


    I’m Entering a Epic world of personal PC builds and this will help out allot!! I really Don’t have money so winning would be nice :D I have been suffering with BAAAD GPU’s all my life ,i need it!!!

  • Bigdave87

    Its All MINE!

  • Christo Boshoff

    DAMN! I seriously need a new card , im stuck with my GT 320 (that is getting really really, yes really old) a GTX 750 would make me S#HT my pant ! PICK ME :D
    GTX 750 TI

  • Caveshen Rajman

    Lucky comment number 501?

  • Bobsta3000

    Twin Frozor…. my 1st DDR5 gpu to own and still running it MSI R5870 Twin Frozor Lightning Edition ; u c its terms like these (including amongst others : Geforce; Phenom; Bulldozer; Titan) ;these flamboyant terms that make a gamer feel special or seperated 4rm the average being(or gamer) to a state where overclocking is no longer a taboo word, that’s when u know u r an elite gamer, an enthusiast. Having said that I wouldn’t mind adding another twin frozor in my line of equipment mainly for overclocking the thing; all MSI equipment I’ve used before has never failed me(70% Gpu OC on the MSI 5450;MSI G31 mobo)… MSI truly is my no.1 brand!

  • David Tshitenda

    WoW i would really love to have this gpu because I think i can really do with it just sold my pc last week so that I could build a new rig the gpu will really complete my rig. To add to this I’am really a budget builder the gpu is a bit out of my range – money wise – but win the competition would be great for me. Please……………

  • Chris Roberts

    Geforce GTX…. who needs more

  • Madelein Pretorius

    Would love to win this for my son, then he can stop nagging about his computer which does not have a graphics card.

  • Chelaine King

    Meow! I’ve been actively upgrading my pc for the past 10 years, as a 19 year old its been very hard to do so. A card like this will do my pc justice that it so rightfully deserves :D

  • Stefan

    I would love to have this card in my baby!

  • Anthony Weasledna Lane


  • Terry

    Winter just got a whole lot sexier <3

  • David Tshitenda

    How do you win. By having the most post or what?

  • David Tshitenda

    I would love to win this graphics card. :)

  • David Tshitenda

    When will the winner be announced

  • David Tshitenda

    BF 4 50+ fps, Yes please :)

  • Ryan Graham

    The suspense IS KILLING ME!!!!


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