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WIN: an MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card

Hello, person who currently may not own a GeForce GTX 750 Ti GPU, but may end up owning one in the future if this competition goes your way! How are you feeling on this chilly Wednesday? Cold? Us too.

Thankfully, NVIDIA is mighty keen to warm up your day by offering you the chance to get your hands on a shiny new graphics card.

Follow us beyond the break for extra info.

Up for grabs is an MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti GAMING, courtesy of the lovely peoples over at NVIDIA. It’s got things! Things like Twin Frozrs and GDDR5s and OC Modes and Afterburners and military class components, which we naturally assume means that it comes pre-strapped to a Quake III rocket launcher!

Seriously though, it’s very fancy. R2,499 worth of fancy. Need more than a graphics card? Then checkout all that EveTech have to offer in their NVIDIA Gaming PCs range.

If you’d like the chance to win yourself some free hardware, simply drop a comment in the box below.


  • dude

    First the team at nag keep up the good work. I have been running my rig with a msi n450gts for more than 3 years now and have been thinking to upgrade from motherboard, CPU, ram and the most important a new card. I have other responsibility that comes first, so my budget will not allow me to upgrade soon.

  • Ryan Graham

    How will we know if a winner has been selected?

  • Tumi (DarkProdigy)

    Hey, choose meee :P

  • Tumi (DarkProdigy)

    Please choose me :P I could really use it!

  • Tumi (DarkProdigy)

    Its so beautiful, Pleeaasee ;)

  • Tumi (DarkProdigy)


  • tedflurry

    this is smooth man ,a friend of mine just unboxed it.very cool stuff.

  • Samuel

    When is the draw taking place ?

  • Lone Wolve

    Ok here I am in my room don’t know what to do,because I couldn’t play my games…
    oooh yes know I remember I need a knew GPU to play…

  • Alex Rowley

    So there was an earthquake today and it made my pile of game covers topple…. it was tragic.

  • Johann Pretorius

    Wow, this is an awesome prize and will make my dream come true if I win this fantastic awesome prize.

  • Enrico Deysel

    It would be awesome if I could win something like this because I am a huge gaming freak but I only need a better GPU then I’m set to go and enjoy gaming the way I should

  • Enrico Deysel

    I’ve been searching for opportunity’s like this to win a GPU but al of the competitions is already over or just in US or UK etc.

  • Enrico Deysel

    I would love to win this GPU I would do anything to get it.
    I’ve been waiting very long for people in Shout-Africa to be able to win something like this and I wish you all the best of luck.

  • alec van veen

    please i would really love this motherboard my old nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti is getting outdated and its “big brother” would be awesome to have
    Thanks nag,nvidia and evetech

  • Damian Richards

    This would be awesome for someone whose building a system but doesn’t have enough money yet. That person kinda reminds of someone. Oh yeah. That’s me. Pls may I win this

  • Francois Neethling

    WOW insanle awesome prize!!

  • Sidney Bower

    I desperately need a new one, mine is how can i say, over used and mature, think it has Alzheimer’s cause i think it forgets to render some of the images lol. Great card though, congrats who ever gets this beauty, holding thumbs its me!!!!!!

  • MK02

    Wow!! I seriously need a new graphics card and this one is PERFECT!!!

  • Keagan Blignault

    Now SLI can be awesome once again!

  • Sidney Bower
  • Ewan Dreyer

    this would be perfect for me right now cuz my graphics card broke a week ago and i really need a new one to fit with my i7 motherboard and my 12gb ram and i used all my last money for charity and now i cant afford a new one !!!

  • Umar


  • TheIronKraigen

    Twin Frozr is the best, no word of a lie.

  • Liam Roodt

    Make the tingling stop…


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