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Giblets: Windows 7 mainstream support ends in January 2015

13 January 2015 is the date that Microsoft has decided on to officially cull mainstream support of Windows 7 SP1. Mainstream support is defined as patches and updates to provide new functionality or fix existing software and services inside the OS, so that means that there will not be a second service pack for the operating system. Although mainstream support is ending, critical security and software updates as well as updates for Windows Defender and patching of vulnerabilities will still take place. Windows 7 is officially End-of-Life for Microsoft, with the last batches of license keys being all sold out this year and OEM vendors now forced to Windows 8.1 for any new products that they will be shipping out this year.

Extended support for Windows 7 SP1 ends on 14 January 2015. Windows 8 mainstream support ends on 9 January 2018, with extended support stopping on 10 January 2023. It’s worth noting that not only is Windows 8 essentially replaced by 8.1, many companies are dropping support for it in support of Windows 8.1 Update. Man, Microsoft can’t make their desktop offerings simple, can they?

Source: Yahoo Finance

  • BinaryMind

    WHAT?! I thought Windows 7 would be supported until 2020! This is pure evil. I see no reason to upgrade to Windows 8. Windows 7 is still perfect. it could last for many more years.

    • Wesley Fick

      It’s just the mainstream support for now. Extended support is still until 2020, so you can stick with it until then if you want :)

      I think Windows 9 will be enough to entice people away from what is now a four-year OS. A lot has changed on the internet and in tech in four years.

      • BinaryMind

        Alrighty then. I might go to windows 9 if the rumors and things I’ve seen on the interwebs is true, but not Win8… never.

        Also that whole tick-tock thing.


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