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Doom 4 is an origin story, just called Doom


Doom 4 has just been unveiled to attendees at this year’s QuakeCon, but it’s simply called Doom and can also be seen as a reboot of the venerable franchise. No media has been released at all as the reveal was exclusive to QuakeCon attendees. It’s likely that will change in the coming weeks; possibly even before or during Gamescom in August.

The good news is that various journalists were present at the reveal, so we have some information on the new Doom thanks to tweets and write-ups. Id seems to be getting back to what made the original Doom and Doom 2 so successful: fast-paced combat with hordes of enemies. Attendees got to see two live gameplay sessions running on a PC, and during each there was plenty of running and gunning, and a lot of strafing to avoid fiery projectiles and plasma attacks from Hell Knights.

The game is set on Mars and outside UAC facilities. Weapons that were on display were typically chunky and oversized. Fan-favourites making a return included the plasma rifle (which apparently takes a long time to start firing, but can clear a room with ease) and the double-barrelled shotgun. The BFG was nowhere to be seen but a Doom without a BFG would be sacrilege so we wouldn’t start panicking just yet.

One new feature shown off was melee combat, and it sounds like this new mechanic will form a big part of the new Doom. During the demos, the Doom marine would unload bullets and projectiles at enemies until their health was low enough to put then into a stunned state. At that point the enemy would start flashing, which would then allow the player to get up close and initiate a series of close-combat execution moves. Moves included ripping out hearts and crushing skulls. While a lot of different melee finishers were seen, there was some repetition in the animations. It was also noted that health does not regenerate (hooray!) but rather executed enemies will drop health pick-ups. It sounds as if the new melee finishers are directly tied into how you’ll be regaining lost health.

The game is running on a new Id Tech 6 engine, which is fantastic news. Hopefully we’ll see less texture pop-ins and smoother frame rates this time around. The game will be hitting PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with console versions running at 1080p and 60fps. No release date has been revealed as yet, but attendees from PC Gamer were surprised by how far along the gameplay demos appeared to be; it’s possible we might see this within a year.

Source: PC Gamer; Kotaku

  • Delano

    I quite like the new melee system. It seems to be inspired by Brutal Doom…

    • NAG Online

      • Delano


        • NAG Online

          Ominous ellipsis is ominous.

  • BinaryMind

    Again with this stupid naming convention. Like when one talks about Tomb Raider… first or latest? Just name it Doom Origins or something.

  • Squirly

    Wasn’t Doom 3 also an origin story? If this is the 4th, that would make 3 of the 4 games origin stories. How many times are they going to reboot this thing?

    • Miklós Szecsei

      But now it’s a REBOOT of the origin story. Or something. I dunno. I also don’t give a crap so long as I can shoot rockets at a big old fat Mancubus… because they’re still the best enemies in any FPS ever made. Fact.


    DOOM is like one of those games that can be awful but i’ll still buy it because I loved the previous ones but if they ruin this game for me I’m calling quits with the series just like ESO.

  • Dave Aldworth

    Super keen to shoot some big guns and rip some hearts out! I don’t care how many origin versions Doom do, so long as they’re fast paced and violent!


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