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StarCraft II show match this Saturday


Hi StarCraft II fans! This morning I was contacted by a chap named Matt McCracken who told me that he’s organised a South Africa (represented by Veneration E-Sports) vs. New Zealand StarCraft II show match this weekend. The matches will start at 11pm on Saturday and can be watched live on Australian DUCKVILLELOL’s channel.

The line-up is as follows:

eCKia `Enak (Kane B) vs. VnR Gangrel (Ivan Williams)
King Sejong Station LE, Merry Go Round LE, Deadwing LE

VoxMightyKiwi (David Gore) vs. VnR Static (Nathan Anderson)
Overgrowth LE, Merry Go Round LE, Foxtrot Labs LE

RooTPetraeus (Mackenzie Smith) vs. VnR Drager (Edwin Williams)
Nimbus LE, Catallena LE, Overgrowth LE

fray `Crimson (Ben Mcdonald) vs. VnR Cort (Nick Steere)
Foxtrot Labs LE, Merry Go Round LE, King Sejong Station LE

In the event of a tie, a 2 vs. 2 will be played on Avalanche (best of 1).

Good luck guys!

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  • Michael Bouwer

    I’ve only played a couple hours of Starcraft 1 and don’t really new all the meta strats and terminologies etc, but this looks like it’ll be fun to watch!

    • Geoff Burrows

      Watching pro or high-level games is a great way to get to grips with all the nuances of the game, especially if the shoutcaster (commentator) is decent.

  • Matt McCracken

    Really look forward to introducing you to Starcraft 2 Michael, will see you in the chat saturday evening!

    • Michael Bouwer

      Sweet! I look forward to it :D


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