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Windows 7’s death knell beckons

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Gaze upon yonder picture, little ones. It may be the last time that you ever see a fresh install of Windows 7. Microsoft very quietly and very sneakily ended retail sales of Windows 7 last year, warning users that stock of the OS licenses on shelves would be returned on 30 October 2013, despite it being officially the most popular desktop operating system on the personal computer.

Now it’s time to remind you that 2014 is the year that Microsoft kills it off in the consumer space for good.

The company announced back in December 2013 that the cut-off date for sales of the outgoing OS was 30 October 2013 for retail copies and 30 October 2014 for OEM computers pre-assembled by the major manufacturers. Numerous boutique system builders and OEMs took advantage of this, with Hewlett-Packacrd (HP) now-famously offering all of its laptops with equivalent Windows 7 versions of Windows 8. Fujitsu Siemens also bundles in Windows 7 licenses with their hardware and Acer at some point was offering a boot screen which allows customers to select which verison of Windows they wanted to use and install.

If your biggest partners don’t like the idea of bundling Windows 8 with new hardware, then perhaps that’s a sign that the UI shift isn’t sitting well with customers.

The OEM cutoff date also comes three months before the 13 January 2014 cutoff date for mainstream support for the OS. From that moment on, it enters into extended support, where it’ll receive updates to close backdoors, loopholes and to improve security. Extended support ends on 14 Janaury 2020.

Windows 8, including all of its update packs, sees the end of mainstream support on 9 January 2018 with a final extended support cutoff date on 10 January 2023.

Would this be less of an issue for Microsoft if they could make Windows a part of an online subscription, or otherwise charge for buying a new copy of Windows, but make upgrade editions free of charge for the remainder of the life of your PC? That’s what the company is currently toying with now, with rumors that Windows 9 will do away with basic license keys and be linked to an account that you’ll have created in Microsoft’s online store.

Who’s moving to another platform/OS and who’s sticking to Windows 7 until extended support ends?


  • Squirly

    Oh shit I need to put in an order before 31.10.

    Is there another company that wants it’s customers to stop using it’s product as aggressively as MS?

    • Nahuel Graziani

      Never has there been a company so hellbent on it’s own demise like Microsoft. I have a theory that they really hate their consumers, because when they finally get a product right, like Windows 7, they think “Shit, they like this, better do a complete 180′ turn and make something atrocious.”

      Thus Windows 8 was born.

      • Wesley Fick

        I think that Ballmer got to the stage where he realised the company was on a downward trend if they didn’t do something to update the UI and move to a tickless kernel, so another Vista was pulled to bully the market into submission and keep the gravy train going.

        I still think that 8.1, under the hood and even on the surface, is a fantastic OS, but it’s taken a bit of tinkering an know-how to get to this point.

      • Aidan van der Nest

        You can add Nokia to the list of companies that seemed to purposefully make the worst business decisions possible.

        • Wesley Fick

          Even when they were at the top on their own, they still made the horribly compromised E7.

          • Aidan van der Nest

            Precisely. The Nokia N8 was announced before the iPhone4, yet released after it, with nowhere near the processing capability, and I still waited a year before getting one as I had zero intention of ever owning an iPhone. Then I got an iPhone4 as a work phone, and I have to tell you, as much as I hated it, it was so much more advanced than the N8. That’s what brand-loyalty gets you…

            I don’t know why they never tried to make phones for Android. It’s as though they thought Symbian could never be topped….

    • Michael Bouwer

      I would say EA but they’re on a different level of stupid.

      • Wesley Fick

        Although this strangely isn’t true of Origin. It’s like Origin’s a completely different team of mostly sensible devs.

    • P3STctrl

      Eskom and Telkom.

  • Delano

    Like most folks, I loved Windows 7. However, I was an early adopter of Windows 8 and, despite some teething problems, I consider it an all-round superior OS.

    I can see Microsoft’s reasoning behind not letting any one OS remain in retail for too long. The long development of Vista allowed XP to become so entrenched in the desktop market that updating was extremely difficult, even after Vista’s first service pack arrived and many of the initial problems were addressed.

    I still maintain that Windows 8/8.1 is underrated, but it’s clear that ship has sailed and Microsoft is looking to replace it with an OS that will be better received. Me, I will use whatever runs my apps while also not requiring such high hardware specs that I’ll need to start selling my organs on the black market. There’s no shortage of OS evangelists in the tech world, but if we listened to them, we’d all still be running DOS…

    I’m quite interested in the possibility of Microsoft following the Apple and Google model and supporting Windows with ads and hardware sales instead of direct purchases.

  • BinaryMind


    I will stay on Windows 7 for as long as possible. I don’t need the bloatware of background running metro apps and internet usage the start screen brings.

  • Chris Kemp

    Nope nope nope.

    I’m following the golden rule of Windows – adopt every second iteration. W9 it is then.

    • ToshZA

      This. Pretty much the safest rule with Windows.

  • Byron Will-Noel

    Now that some of the better game engines are offering native Linux support, I’m hoping to switch by then…or at least have a duel boot system, and keep W7 around for my older games.


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