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Giblets: Get The Sims 2 for free

With The Sims 4 right around the corner, EA has decided to officially cease support for the now practically ancient The Sims 2. But before they send the old girl out to pasture, they’ve decided to let anyone have a ride (totally not a weird sexual metaphor, I swear), by giving away the game, with all its expansions and Stuff packs, for free.

To claim your prize, log in to your Origin account and redeem the code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS before the 31st of July. Then it’s just a small matter of downloading the 12.5GB of data and you’re good to go!

Special thanks to Facebook fan Sebastian Cooper for bringing this news to our attention.



  • BinaryMind

    I actually prefer the Sims 2 over 3. Everyone is fat and ugly in Sims 3 and I won’t even talk about Sims 4 (where the DLC has gotten even more out of control).

    So this is cool for those few time I feel the need to watch people on the toilet. Good times…

  • The Man of a 1000 GIFs

    SAW Simulator for free?! From EA? What dark magic is this? o.O

    • Geoff Burrows

      I approve of every part of this comment.

  • Squirly

    “To claim your prize, log in to your Origin account…”

    HA! I knew there was a catch.

  • =gsg=Shadowstep

    Never say no to free stuff. Thanks for the post

  • Gregory

    Awesome! Just need to keep my sister away from my pc now -_-

  • JoshTEREN

    why cant i find it????


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