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The original Bioshock is coming to iOS


Well now, this is certainly out of left field. Or is it? Publisher 2K Games has already ported Firaxis’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown to iOS devices, and that port got a very good reception. Now it’s time for the late Irrational Games to get an iOS port, with 2K announcing that the original 2007 BioShock will be heading to Apple devices sometime soon.

No concrete release date is pegged, but we do know that only the latest iOS devices will be capable of running the game. You’ll need to have either: a shiny new iPad Air, an iPad 4, an iPad Mini 2 or nothing less than an iPhone 5, 5S or 5C in order to play the game.

Naturally the port will feature full controller support if you have the required hardware. Otherwise you’re going to have to make do with touchscreen controls, which we’re willing to bet our own kittens will probably be awful. Probably.

Via: Game Informer

  • FanieNel

    Screw the iOS, bring it out on Android devices. I know absolutely no one who owns anything related to Apple. Wait, I know one guy and even he hates Apple and anything related to iOS.

    • Alex Rowley

      I would love it if this happened but I’m pretty sure the reason why it doesn’t is because there are so many devices using android that are utter garbage and won’t be able to run this game and people will be complaining about how the game they bought is broken, with Apple it’s almost like working on a closed system akin to a console.

  • XceL

    Pew pew pew aaaaaaaand the battery is dead… :'(

  • BinaryMind

    Will it be in 2K or 4K? HD… pppff hahahaHAHAHA :D

  • James

    Meh they should port it to UE4 using a mixture of new assets and ones from Infinites DLC and make it free to people who already own all three on steam… Just kidding but a guy can dream :P


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