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Microsoft shows lack of enthusiasm with Halo mouse

Occasionally, Microsoft takes someone from their gaming department like Phil Spencer or, in previous years, Marc Whitten and ask them to proclaim that they’re still focused on the PC market and dedicated to PC gamers. But since Spencer last mentioned this, not much has been done about it. Until now! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… *drumroll*

Microsoft Halo 3500 mouse (1) Microsoft Halo 3500 mouse (2)

The Halo-themed Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 with 2.4GHz Wireless connectivity, 1000DPI sensitivity, a BlueTrack laser, a battery life up to eight months long and a three-year standard warranty, all for just US $29.99. You’re welcome. Enjoy playing Halo 2 from 2004!

Source: Techpowerup

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  • Uberutang

    Actually installed it (halo2) the other day… I can run it with 64x CLSAA :)

    • Wesley Fick

      Heavens, that must look super-smooth!

  • Nahuel Graziani

    1000dpi? No additional mouse buttons?

    “We took this mouse from our office range and put a Halo skin on it. That makes it a gaming mouse.” – Microsoft.

  • BinaryMind

    How about bringing all the Halo games to pc instead of a mouse. LOL. This is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen from Microsoft. I am literally laughing my ass off right now :D


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