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Oh 4Chan Anon, what have you done now?

4chan art poster framed

Oh 4Chan, where do I even begin to count the ways in which you’re absolutely bonkers? A eBay listing of a 4Chan post framed as art caught the attention of the internet, particularly when the final bid was a shocking US $90,000. The internet has become so pervasive that a simple joke on a forum (more a sarlacc pit, really) like 4Chan turns into a literal take on the question of “But is it art?” Hit the jump below to see how this all began.

“Artwork by Anonymous” was listed on eBay with a minimum bid of $500. Just four days and 45 bids later the screenshot’s price had escalated tremendously – the winning bid saw the screenshot “sold” for $90,900. The listing describes the piece as a “One of a Kind work of art”. This is because, as the screenshot text reads:

“Art used to be something to cherish

Now literally anything could be art

This post is art.”

But, you know, the internet typically doesn’t stop there. That post was indeed screenshotted, printed, framed and put up on eBay. If eBay hadn’t taken the posting down when it did, the owner of the art in question would even have landed himself a nice small fortune from his/her wisecracks on the internet.

Later on, Reddit and Funny Junk got wind of the story and tried to figure out its origins. Eventually, it turned out that the original plan was cooked up by two Anons who decided to settle the debate once and for all – can you call something, anything, that you make “art?”


Can something created on the internet, arguably BY the internet (since Anons act like a hive mind) be called art if presented as art? We’ve already seen this argument presented for games and movies and there’s a big movement that says neither media can qualify (although art films are a thing). What do you guys think?

Source:  Reddit, Funny Junk

  • FanieNel

    This is funny. I wonder if it will be accepted by art critics.

    Games, music, film, everything is art. Games are becoming a much better art platform. There is so much time and work going into making games look good. There is a whole lot more to read up on this subject and a comment or a single article won’t be able to cover it all.

    “big movement that says neither media can quality” Oooo! I found a typo. Shouldn’t it be qualify at the end?

    • Wesley Fick

      You win one Zimbabwean dollar for spotting that.

  • BinaryMind

    I think the post is art. Because it’s true (almost like some kind of paradox). Why does some famous artist who splashes paint on a canvas randomly make so much money? If people want to go and spend thousands on that, this is just as good and about the same amount of effort :)

  • Pulseofthe Maggot

    EA is probably going to abandon games now and attempt to produce Internet Art.

    PS.: Hey, they don’t even have to change the name!

  • Alex Rowley

    This post is art

    • BinaryMind

      You’re a copy cat. You’ll never get as much money as the original!

      • Wesley Fick

        All good artists steal or copy from the work of others! :-P

    • James

      I can sense that becoming a meme now

  • Andre Gabriel Coetzee

    Wow, I cannot imagine the intense stupidity of the people that actually bid on that. No, one can`t just call anything you make “art”. People have done this for years and the standard and quality of art (paintings, music etc) have become lower and lower. People forget that not just anyone can be an artist, whether it be musically or a painter or any other form. Personally I feel any art form should be driven by emotion, and meaning, therefore the Mona Lisa is art, a so-called “abstract” painting that is just a bunch of overlapping colours, is not.


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