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PSA: NAG Podcast tonight at 8PM

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So we’re doing the NAG Online Podcast again tonight. You can find out how to join in the fun via Mumble here. We’ll be starting the cast tonight at 8PM instead of our usual 7:30PM slot, as a couple of the casters have Real Work™ to attend to and won’t be able to make the earlier slot. If you join in live before we start the recording, you can hear all the weird and wonderful things we say while testing out our microphones and making sure Delano’s iBurst or 3G connection (whichever one works at that time) doesn’t cause any issues. This will be our third episide and we hope that by now things will settle in.

But, you know, Murphy’s law. And Mr. Popo’s pecking order. See you tonight!

  • Alex Rowley

    I really enjoy actually hearing the voices of the people so I’m looking forward to some more, but also I would like to give some hopefully helpful criticism. The recording needs to be more clear as I find it sometimes hard to make out what some people are saying so it’s good to see that you guys are testing out mics. It’s literally the only issue I have with podcast currently.
    Again it’s great and interesting to hear your guys voices and I can’t wait to download the next one.( Can’t listen to it live unfortunately)

    • Wesley Fick

      Android phones have a mumble app available, if that floats your boat. Still, thanks for the support :)

      • Alex Rowley

        how now that’s an idea!


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