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Watch tonight’s Call of Duty live-stream right here

Happy Monday everyone!

At 19:00 today, Activision will be transmitting footage of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s multiplayer gameplay all the way from Gamescom in Germany directly into your vision-sockets. You’ll be able to watch said footage right here, somewhere below the words you’re reading right now.

If you’d like to see the future of Call of Duty (which we’re assuming is very much like the present of Call of Duty – i.e. a series of scripted events in between shooting things in the face) and presumably the future of warfare (obviously) and also the future of Kevin Spacey, be sure to bookmark this page and return here this evening.

  • HookX87

    Is the stream from twitch? Seems real solid, just cant get it full screen! Quality is a lot better than the twitch stream, have this and twitch open on high quality setting…

  • HookX87

    Seems to be the Eurogamer stream..

  • Exhale1N

    I am not impressed….. show us the PC version of the multiplayer, after TF this looks a bit dull.

  • HookX87

    Looks pretty cool to me..

  • EvilBoy

    lol supply drops, definitely not copied directly from BF4’s battlepacks.

  • Riaan Moulder

    This is going to be like quake.. ppl jumping up and down and shooting rockets down [-_-] but otherwise looks sweet !

  • George

    So…..Uplink. New, but not so much. It screams “Bombing Run” from UT2K3 and 2K4. Even used to shoot the ball into my opponents for a quick kill. They have got to do a lot to get me back on the CoD train. So glad UT is on it’s way back.

  • Kevin Mitnick

    what hogshit


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