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NAG Online Podcast Episode 4

NAG Online Podcast Overview

Episode 4: The Gamescom 2014 Edition recorded on 13 August 2014

Listen to the Audio-only version:

Direct download: Linky

Hosts introduction: Wesley Fick, Rick de Klerk, Mark Del, Chris Kemp

Special Guest: Matthew Fick

Send us questions, comments and criticisms at @nagcoza on Twitter. Alternatively, pop a comment below the NAG post for the show.

02:30 Announcement: NAG Online Podcast will be at rAge 2014.

On NAG Online:

04:00 WIN: one of five copies of The LEGO Movie

05:10 NAG Online reader survey

08:23 NAG at Gamescom 2014

10:30 Gamescom 2014: Microsoft Press Event Summary

40:10 Gamescom 2014: Sony Press Event Summary

1:03:40 Gamescom 2014: Electronic Arts Press Event Summary

News Items of interest:

1:17:00 Bungie explains wiping of Destiny beta characters

1:25:00 New Sierra to be Activision’s indie-focused arm

On the internet:

1:33:20 John Romero is apparently working on a new shooter

  • Delano

    Now with 20% more schmexy.

  • Chris Kemp

    Where’s the timestamp on whether or not Deckard is a replicant? :P

    • Rick de Klerk

      Exactly. Where’s all the movie references and my flailing attempts at identifying animated films about Russian princesses?

      • Wesley Fick

        Wait, was that what you were talking about? I heard something completely different.

        • Matthew Fick

          It’s from Podcast 2 or 3. In the Mumble chat, I casually ruined Rick by telling him that “Anastasia” wasn’t a Disney movie. In other words, there are no Russian Disney Princesses.

          • Alex Rowley

            Are there any Disney princesses that can even be classified as coming from a certain country, aren’t all the places made up?

          • Wesley Fick

            Pocahantas is Native American, Esmerelda is from Paris, Tiana is from New Orleans, Merida is from the Scottish Highlands, Mulan is from Han China, Belle is French and lives a ways from Paris, Anna and Elsa are Norwegian. Jasmine is technically Iranian, but it’s never hinted at properly.

          • Alex Rowley

            Lol I didn’t even think of those, man they are a lot more diverse than I expected.

          • Rick de Klerk

            It’s all a blur to me. One podcast melds with seamless horror into another, a fever dream from which I cannot awaken.

          • Delano

            Well, it has highlights. Like Chris in his underwear.

    • Wesley Fick

      I’ll have to re-listen in to find that point. Or you could just leave it hidden so that it hits people in the face! :-P

      • Chris Kemp

        Definitely hidden. Like the meaning of the end of that film. *glares at Matt*

        • Matthew Fick

          So Chris, want to place bets on how long it takes for us to talk about movies again? I’ve got a sack FULL of spoilers, and I hand them out freely…


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