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These Unreal 4 videos are gorgeous


“You think that’s air you’re breathing?”

Some days, you just want to take in some minimalistic architecture with windy autumn leaves rustling in the background while drinking a cuppa, and this is one of those days. Given that I’m shackled to my desk at the moment, however, I’ll just have to make do with these incredible Unreal Engine 4 videos. User koola on the Unreal Engine forums decided he wanted to put the engine’s lighting through its paces, and the results are nothing short of stunning. According to koola, it takes ten minutes to prepare the lightmaps, but otherwise runs at 50-60 fps in real-time on a GTX 670.

Hit the jump for the videos below, then quote Bohemian Rhapsody.

Source: Gamersbook

  • BinaryMind


  • FanieNel

    It looks good. This is what you get when you focus on lighting in a game engine, awesome results.

    What looks even better are what the community has created.
    Some have created awesome shaders and environment work that looks almost life-like. Some have even created things like procedural oceans that look like the real thing and much, much more.

    Even I am learning new things about the engine each time I use it.

  • Clint Steed

    OMW, can even see the dirt on the floor. Well now we know why the Crytek engine isn’t doing that great.

  • Rian

    Damn… now I can’t get Bohemian Rhapsody out of my head! Oh well… skarrah moosh skarrah moosh…!

  • James

    Acctualy i believe he has a gt 670 :P the description here

    • Rick de Klerk

      Doh! I missed that typo. I’ve amended the article; thanks for pointing it out!


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