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Giblets: Microsoft to show off Windows 9 next month

Sources close to The Verge have reportedly told them that Microsoft will soon be demoing the latest version of Windows, codenamed Threshold. The sources claim that Microsoft won’t be revealing the name just yet, but will be showing off the changes they’ve made to the user interface and how they’re getting around the mismatched behaviour of Windows in computers that don’t have touch screens. Microsoft is also expected to show off how they’re going to integrate their Cortana voice-driven virtual assistant into the OS and announce the launch date for the consumer preview of the next version of Windows.

Are any Windows users looking forward to this? Once bitten, twice shy? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Verge

  • Uberutang

    Cortana integrated into my desktop would be cool.

  • FanieNel

    Why should there be another windows?
    Windows 7 is the most loved Windows of them all. No need for a new one.

    • Squirly

      That’s what they said about XP. And sooner or later things get old and unwieldy.

      • FanieNel

        True, and XP is still working and I know a few people that still uses it.

        Windows Vista was a bust, never got it.
        Windows 7 brought back what was good about XP and made improvements on it.

        Windows 8 was at first only a OS for tablets and touch screen devices and was also bad. Never got it.

        I am curious about the new Windows, and if it will be the improved version of W7, I might just get it. As long as it isn’t subscription based, it might be good.

  • Squirly

    Guess I’m skipping 8 then. Man, I knew they were planning on a release of windows every 2 years or something but this is going to be dumb. Now I won’t be working with 2 OS’ in the office (current and previous) but with possibly 3 or just the current and the one 2 iterations ago. 7 and 9 it is, I guess.

    Also, how many other people are just going to decide to skip every 2nd release simply because it’s not necessary to upgrade every time. Won’t MS sell less of each anyway?

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