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Polytron website hacked, Fish’s personal info leaked


The Twitterverse has been alight with scandal the past couple of days; the focus of ire has fallen on Zoe Quinn, developer of Depression Quest, who has been accused of receiving favourable coverage of her game in exchange for sexual relations with games journalists. The accusations came as the result of a blog by an ex-boyfriend, which in itself slants his story as coming from someone with an axe to grind.

As a result, Quinn has been the target of increasing levels of abuse and there’ve been further accusations that some of the drama — such as Quinn being doxxed, which is the term used for publicly airing personal information, and an altercation with The Fine Young Capitalists in a disagreement over a game jam — has been orchestrated by herself for added publicity. Reddit and other media sites have seen widespread thread deletions and bannings with anything related to the topic, which is seen by the mob as a clear indication of industry corruption.

So obviously, when the flames are burning, the best thing to do is to fry a Fish. Phil Fish — developer of spatial-perspective platformer Fez — is not known for his measured response to the gaming community in general, and now his rather vocal support of Quinn has resulted in the Polytron site being hacked and his personal information being doxxed.

While currently down, a cached version of the site shows a headline, “Five Guys: Burgers and Fries”; Five Guys is a fast-food chain in the US, and in this instance is a reference to the original blog post made by Quinn’s ex-boyfriend, who lists five men with whom she was supposedly unfaithful during her relationship with him. The message was apparently left by, “/V/’s mod and leader of and Anonymous,” with a link to supposed proof of corruption within the game.

A screencap of the hacked website, as pulled from Google's cache. I've censored the link; not out of a need to prevent you from downloading the scandalous inner workings of the GAEMZ JURNALISZMS, but because you'd be crazy to download anything a hacker puts up, especially if it's in any way even remotely connected to 4chan. User discretion is advised.

A screencap of the hacked website, as pulled from Google’s cache. I’ve censored the link; not out of a need to prevent you from downloading the scandalous inner workings of GAEMZ JURNALISZMS, but because you’d be crazy to download anything a hacker puts up, especially if it’s in any way even remotely connected to 4chan. User discretion is advised.

Those with a passing understanding of the board will realise how odd this declaration is — it’s highly unlikely that an easily identifiable individual would simply out themselves as being responsible for a hacking attempt. There’s also a lot of misappropriated 4chan lingo, such as the capitalised “/V/”, and, “We do not forgive. At All,” which is a slightly different rendering of the popular Anonymous slogan, “We do not forgive. We do not forget.” Of course, this could be a cunning ruse. You can never tell with 4chan.

Polytron’s Twitter account was also compromised, which started retweeting – well, let’s just say it wasn’t complimentary — stories about Fez and Fish.


It’s all rather juvenile, but the kind of juvenility that has the potential to ruin lives. Hacking, posting one’s personal and financial details online and spreading some frankly misogynistic bile is completely unacceptable. I don’t like Fish (“At All.”) and didn’t enjoy Depression Quest (preferring Actual Sunlight‘s take on the subject matter), but while participating in the public space means you’ll occasionally be the focal point for criticism and abuse, it does NOT mean you should expect or condone this level of attacks.

Source: NeoGAF

  • Alex Rowley

    What is wrong with people? All this stupid shit over literally nothing, some people really need to sit back and take stock of their lives and just question what the fuck they are doing.
    I do wish there were better systems to hold people accountable for their actions because it really gets to me when crime like this gets unpunished.

    • Rick de Klerk

      It’s really odd. I mean, there’s people who are now accusing him of hacking his own site, which is bizarre. So both he and Zoe are apparently engaged in sabotaging their own sites and social media accounts for… what, exactly?Occam’s razor probably applies.

      • Alex Rowley

        I first thought it was maybe a cover up for the stupid shit he said on twitter but when the pastebin thing popped up with ALL of his details it became very obvious it wasn’t a cover up or staged.

        The guy is basically a troll but as you mentioned in the article, this is life ruining stuff here and for a cause that quite frankly does not even matter.

  • Michael Bouwer

    I’m scared to say anything against Fish in case he has another “best friend” viewing these articles, again…

    • Alex Rowley

      it was quite an hilarious article though. A NAG online standout I would say lol

    • Rick de Klerk

      My dislike for Phil Fish is linked primarily to his atrocious treatment of that Japanese developer and his abrasive, egotistical manner. Not saying being outspoken and abrasive is wrong, but that’s not the kind of person I admire nor would engage with normally.

      In many ways, I feel sorry for Fish that the success of his game hasn’t necessarily resulted in the kind of communication, attention and validation he was looking for. FEZ is far from a terrible game. I have no doubt he’s got some great ideas. He’s just a bit of a dick.

      • Michael Bouwer

        I don’t understand how hard it is to just be polite!? But then again, maybe the guy has issues. I usually try and reserve my judgement, but that video of the conference made me mad.


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