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The IndieBox is offering boxed copies of indie titles

There are many positive side-effects surrounding the distribution of games in the age of Steam and other content-delivery platforms. A lack of shipping costs means that the product is generally cheaper and no shelf space helps us all to embrace a more environmentally-friendly business model. Still, a lack of physicality can be a downer, particularly for all you rabid collectors out there. Well, let your mind be relieved at the fact that one company is making the effort to turn digitally distributed games into boxed products.

The subscription-based service, called IndieBox, has so far released three games in a physical format: Escape Goat 2, Forced and Teslagrad. The boxes themselves appear to be roughly A5-sized and are styled very much like the SEGA Mega Drive boxes of old. Included with each box is the game on a USB drive (shaped somewhat like a card) and a wealth of extras, such as the soundtrack on CD, key-rings, stickers and other goodies.

An interesting aspect is that a new game is randomly chosen and released by the service every month. This means that subscribers won’t actually know what they’re getting until they open their packages. Of course, to avoid the distribution of rubbish, the game in question must have received a rating of at least 75% on Steam and/or gotten a score of 8 on Indie DB. It also needs to have been on retail for at least six months to ensure it’s no fly-by-night affair.

The pricing plans have one-, three- and six-month deals which include shipping and handling fees. They also ship worldwide, including to South Africa, but expect it to be a bit on the pricey side. Of course, price is seldom an issue when you’re a collector, an indie supporter or just up for some swag, and if you missed out on previous titles, you can back-order them as long as they’re available. Check out the goods here.

  • BinaryMind

    Surely a DVD is cheaper to make than a flash drive. Weird decision.

    • Delano

      I was thinking that too. I get the impression they’re going for a cartridge look and feel, though. And the art is still pretty.

      • BinaryMind

        They should call them NACs – New Age Cartridges :P

      • James Morgan III

        That’s exactly what we were going for. Everyone does CD/DVD’s today, no one is doing cartridges anymore.


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