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Report: The Crew locked to 30fps on PC version

The Crew E3 trailer gate break

With Ubisoft’s The Crew scheduled for a November 2014 launch, it’s all systems go at Ubisoft to prep the game for release. But though it’s enjoyed several successful Alpha and Beta trials on various platforms, one niggling aspect of the PC betas were that the game is locked to 30 frames per second no matter what hardware you’re running. This smells more like the same tactics used in Need for Speed: Rivals and the reason probably is because the game’s physics engine is tied to the frame rate. More info after the jump.

A thread on the topic appeared on Ubisoft’s forums started by user SeemsLegit.jpg, who discovered the configuration files for the game and noticed that it was set to lock the frame rate at 30fps. Setting the frame rate and other settings to 60fps worked, but it wouldn’t go higher to 120fps or 144fps, both necessary frame limits for use with 120Hz or 144Hz monitors. In addition, bumping the cap to 60fps also changed the steering delay and made the cars in the game undriveable.

seemslegit post

A community manager working for Ubisoft later replied that they were “aiming for 60fps on PC at launch. Our Beta build is still more performant at 30FPS, but you can expect to play at 60FPS on PC when the game is launched.”

“Right now the team is focusing on providing an optimal experience for all players. You can unlock it in the file you’ve found, but it may affect the game’s performances. Your call. :-)”

Later on in the thread, community manager Natchai Stappers chimed in with his reponse, which seems a little disingenuous.

“I’m not sure about the steering delay. Perhaps it’s the car you’re using (beginner cars?) or perhaps your pad drivers are at fault. Try reinstalling your pad drivers and see if that offers any solace. As for your microphone, I’m sure there are some windows settings that allow you to make sure your mic doesn’t get forced to 30%,” wrote Stappers.

“As for the people complaining about the artificial 30fps lock, you can see that there are ways users are unlocking more fps. We don’t officially support that…but ye… “

Later in the thread Stappers says that the dev team would allow a 60fps option on launch and “chemzero,” another community manager posts an official statement from the dev team:

“”The game will run in 1080p with 30 frames per second on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360. For the PC version, we will offer the option to play with either 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second. That said, in order to provide a smooth experience for everyone during the closed beta on PC, we chose to lock the code on 30 frames per second.”

Knowing Ubisoft, this probably won’t happen. Locking the frame rate to 30fps allows them to push the game through quicker because they don’t have to optimise it for higher frame rates and graphical settings. I’m a lot more unsure about this game now than I was a month ago.

Source: Ubisoft Forums (via Eurogamer)

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  • FanieNel

    Hey, it is Ubisoft up to their old tricks again.
    Saying they will do something and then doing something the exact opposite.
    Well done.

  • Alex Rowley

    I actually have access to the beta and I have to say I really don’t think this game actually is warranted to be an online only game. It feels a lot like Burnout Paradise mixed with NFS. The story is just as shitty as any of the NFS games but at least it’s got some pretty decent customization options.

    The reason I say it feels like Burnout paradise is because so far the car handling feels a lot like it and also the way you drive around the open world is almost exactly the same while you can invite friends into the world you are in, it is not a seamless multiplayer with loads of people driving around and this is why it being online only is just ridiculous because so far it feels like a normal single player game.

    So far it’s decent enough but I have to say I am kinda disappointed with it’s lack of it’s own image, this game is not going to feel new.

    • Wesley Fick

      So it’s yet another example of over-promising on the premise of a game that simply doesn’t happen. Yay.

      • Alex Rowley

        It’s not a bad game exactly, in fact I think it could be quite fun but it’s really not living up to it’s potential. It mixes a lot of racing games together and just made me feel like I had done this all before. It also works in it’s favor though have having at least a decent variety of racing modes

        The highlights though are the kitting your car out for off road racing across the massive map. They really should be talking about this a lot more because there some genuinely awesome moments that happen. Also the online only aspect is just bullshit, this game can easily work as a normal game with the option to do everything solo.

  • Felix101

    After the Watchdogs debacle I have lost all faith in Ubisoft. Just like Activision all they care about is bottom line. All passion removed. No thanks!


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