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Tekken publisher to make Pokkén Tournament fighter


Bandai Namco, the publisher behind the longstanding Tekken series of fighting games, has collaborated with The Pokémon Company to develop a fighting game called Pokkén Tournament. The game sees players taking control of individual Pokémon in a typical fighting game setup.

The reveal is still very new, and so far the game has only been announced for Japanese arcades. Yep, no console announcements or even a Western release as yet. Japan’s arcades have always been streets ahead of anything one could hope to find Western countries, and it isn’t unusual for arcade-exclusive games based on popular franchises to appear in the country.

Whether or not this will make a jump to home consoles or even Western territories is uncertain, but the Wii U could certainly do with further drawcards. For now, however, you can check out the reveal trailer after the jump.

Via: Polygon

  • Alexander Weber

    Well, now I’m jealous of those lucky Japanese arcades. It actually looks like it could be a lot of fun. Will be interesting to see how they incorporate the signature moves of each pokemon into the game.

  • Jans

    I endorse this


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