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WIN: even more delightful DVDs


Jeepers. We’re just full of DVD giveaways these days, aren’t we? And here’s another one!

We’ve got three more films to offer you the opportunity to get your hands on for the mighty attractive price of Totally Free.

Move below the break for infor-mation-s.

The three DVDs up for grabs contain the following movies: I, Frankenstein300: Rise of an Empire and The LEGO Movie (as if we haven’t given away enough of those already).

All you need to do to get yourself in the running to win one of these fine films is leave a comment below, containing whatever sequence of words is presently trapped in your brain and MUST ESCAPE. Which is to say that you can comment whatever you’d like, really.

Now, have some trailers:

And also have this, because reasons:

  • Joel Sangster

    Me please

  • Jaco Marais

    I’m Batman!!

  • R4mzy

    I haven’t watched The LEGO Movie yet… Help me rectify that. ^^

  • Marius Nell


  • Sierra53

    Everything is awesome!

  • DWSpider-Man

    I enter just for the Lego Movie. Let me win here or the other GA, I dont mind ;)

  • Pulseofthe Maggot

    Haven’t seen I, Frankenstein. Looks decent.

  • Ryan Graham

    Seems legit, I approve!

  • Gian-Paolo Buffo

    Incoherent sentences count do?

  • ToshZA

    Slarty Bartfast says hi.

  • Felix101

    Yes I want please! :)

  • Pansyfaust

    300 Frankensteins are Awesome!

  • Odi Odendaal

    Lego? Frankerly 300 is better

  • Raidz

    I haven’t even seen LEGA movie :( no Idea wat this “Everything is awesome” is about 0_o

  • Dian Fourie

    I Haven’t seen any of these movies :(
    Plus, my mom has a daycare centre so that Lego movie would be pretty handy!

  • Deborah Verwey

    Very cool ;-)

  • Tevin

    Never watched the new 300 movie!

  • Skye

    Screw chick flicks – More bloody battles! :D Love love love

  • Devon Harris

    Me me me!! i want some movie night fun

  • Sidney Bower

    Would be cool to win, awesome collection, but all i want is to promote my blog, please help out a amateur blogger :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) thanks …..

  • Marc

    I want the dvds… please :) .. Thats all I have to say

  • Francois Neethling

    WOW this is awesome!!

  • faithLB

    I still want that lego dvd

  • Simon-Kai Garvie

    Tonight we Dine in Legoland!


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